Quickie During Commercial Breaks

It was our Sunday night favorite: a quickie and the Walking Dead! This is how every Sunday night when during the newest season. The best part was to see how naughty and crazy we could get during the commercial breaks. I had the popcorn popped and ready for our wild night. I even got the drinks in us so it was that much more fun!

Commercial Break One:
He got my shirt off but I wouldn’t let him have my pants just yet! This quickie wasn’t going to end that fast! I got on my knees and pulled his cock out. He was already hard! The anticipation of the commercial was killing him. I slowly licked his cock up and down, teasing the shit out of him. He had his hands in my hair trying to force himself into my throat. I wasn’t allowing that! That’s when the show came back on.

Commercial Break Two: 
I never let his cock go soft during that past 10 minutes or so of the show. I sat and stroked him, making sure he’d be ready for some more of my oral loving! So I got back onto my knees and shoved him deep into my mouth! He held me down for a few moments before allowing me to come up for air. I pulled him onto the ground and sat my pussy right on his face! This was going to be the longest quickie ever!

Commercial Break Three: 
We were still on the floor, his cock of course still hard! I rubbed my pussy a few times during that last stretch of show so that I’d be even more wet when he licked me again! He pushed me onto my hands and knees and shoved his face into my pussy. He licked my ass and cunt back and forth making me scream out in pleasure! I was getting so close to cumming…but I knew he wouldn’t let me! The show came back on and he just laughed!

Commercial Break Four:
That was it! I needed to cum so bad! I got him on his back again and rode him hard and fast. He kept trying to stop me but that wasn’t going to happen! I had my feet planted flat on the floor as I bounced harder! I exploded into a hot mess all over his cock…and then the show came back on. He hadn’t cum yet! Sweet revenge!

Commercial Break Five: 
Again, this quickie was more than just a quickie! This time, I was going to let him have me however he needed me! He bent me right over the couch and slammed into me hard. He wasn’t going to be nice, and I loved that! My favorite thing was getting him so worked up and bent out of shape that he just erupted everywhere. He spilled his load into my pussy and held it there until he was satisfied.

After this story I’m going to need a commercial break to catch my breath and maybe some Phone Sex Numbers.


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