Quickie in a club Bathroom. She isn’t so curious anymore

Soooo I got a fake ID ;). Naughty girl huh? Well, all my friends are older and I wanted to go out with them so they surprised me with one! I was so excited to use it and I went out first thing last weekend. Let me tell you I was not disappointed with how the evening went. A quickie in the men’s room on my first trip to the club? How could I be disappointed?

We got all dressed up in our sexiest outfits and headed to the best club in town. Lots of drinking and dancing and hot boys…and men. I wore a little black dress. Low cut, barely covered my ass cheeks. You know the kind. I looked hot! Stilettos, a push-up bra, and a g-string completed the look. I wore my hair down even though I got so hot that I ended up having to put it up. More access to my neck for that sexy boy on the dance floor;)

He was tall dark and handsome of course. In all black, he spotted me across the dance floor and apparently knew he wanted a quickie with me right away. He came up pressing his body against mine. Feeding me drinks and whispering dirty things in my ear.

We made out heavily and as he slid up behind me I could feel him hard against me.

I was pretty drunk and I think I would have agreed to anything so when he grabbed my hand and lead me to the bathroom I didn’t even care. I was so turned on. Needed him there and then. It was a public bathroom and he pulled me in the stall. Lots of whistling and hollering as I walked through the men’s room. They knew what we were there to do but again I didn’t care. I was ready for whatever he wanted to give me.

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