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It was a Monday morning and I had zero desire to adult! I wanted to stay in bed and have my own personal relaxing day. As I laid there I knew exactly what I needed to kick my butt into gear. Quick masturbation tends to be my coffee in the morning when I don’t want to get up just yet. I grab my toys, turn on some hot porn and start rubbing.

This Monday morning I started to search the internet for some hot porn. I needed something that would make me twitch without even touching myself. As I surfed the internet I came across a very hot girl on girl porn. They were laying in bed; a blonde and a brunette. They started by making out and moaning softly as their hands wondered each others bodies. They finally started pulling clothing off and then rubbing each others kitties. I was become very wet at just the thought of this.

I reach my hand down under my sheets and began rubbing myself the way they were rubbing the other. You could tell that they were actually enjoying this and not faking it. The brunette was the first to break the kiss-off and make her way down on the blonde. The second her tongue touched her clit, mine tinged with pleasure. Oh, how I was craving sweet Alyson’s mouth on me again! It has been way too long since I felt her licking me.

As the brunette ate her out, she pulled a dildo out of the nightstand. I grabbed mine and slipped it in and out of myself in timing with the porn. This made the entire situation that much hotter! I was already so close to cumming, but I didn’t want to yet. This quick masturbation session needed to slow down just a little bit. I was wanting to squirt and cum fucking hard.

I pulled my vibrator to my clit to act as the brunettes tongue. I was wanting that to really be me so fucking bad. As the speed in the porn picked up, so did I. I could tell the blonde was getting close to climaxing just as much as I was! I fucked my pussy faster, nearing my climax. As the blonde began cumming, and twitching so did I. I screamed out in pleasure, cumming and squirting so hard.

After that amazing quick masturbation I was able to get up, take a shower and go about my day. I had the biggest smile on my face knowing I’d fucked myself so good earlier!

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