A queen of spades tattoo has a big meaning behind it.

It’s one of my favorite symbols that I love to flash around. The queen of spades tattoo lets everyone know what my favorite kind of cock is to ride and drain the cum out of. I love being a big cock size queen. The opportunities just come out of the woodwork when you wear the tattoo out in public.

The looks you get from those that aren’t clueless are so hot. Everyone knows that you are a little white slut for big black cock. Everyone knows exactly what you crave more than anything – especially a white cock.

It was easy to get the right attention, especially from big black cock. Once they eyed the queen of spades tattoo they knew how dirty I liked to get with them. It didn’t take any time at all for them to pull me into an alley and take their cocks out.

Public sex turns me on no matter where it is, but something was even hotter about being a white whore in the alley sucking on a big black cock.

First, they push me down onto my knees. I can feel the cold pavement from the alleyway pushing against my skin. I shift and try to balance on the uncomfortable asphalt. My queen of spades tattoo lured two strong black guys into the alley. I’m officially outnumbered, but that just made my pussy even more excited.

The first guy pushed his cock against my lips and his hand pinched my nose. I couldn’t breathe at all until I gasped for air. I didn’t get most of it in my mouth because he shoved his cock down my throat in one quick movement. My gag reflex couldn’t keep up, and I started gagging on his big black cock. It was so big that I couldn’t take every inch right away.

The drool started leaking down onto my white shirt leaving a giant wet spot that kept getting bigger and bigger. The wetter my shirt got, the wetter my pussy got. The queen of spades tattoo drives them all crazy, but not just black guys.

White guys love that I can handle and take a big black cock.

I have never met a black cock that I couldn’t handle. It doesn’t matter if it’s bigger than 10 inches. Taking it all is exactly what I’m good at. I spread my legs wide, and then I notice the audience that formed around me.

The crowd consists of two black guys who look like friends of the guys I’m playing with, and three white guys who seem in awe of how much cock I have buried in my throat. I don’t mind the audience and aim to give them my best performance. It isn’t long before I am getting groped by the two other black guys who joined us.

They grab my tits roughly and start to shake it while pinching my nipple. The other guy sticks his finger inside my soaking wet pussy. There is no hiding how turned on I am getting as my pussy leaks onto his hand.

Out of the corner of my eye, I can see one of the white guy’s hands start to move into his pants. It made me feel so naughty. The other guy kept eyeing my queen of spades tattoo and winking at me.

I had my hands full with four black guys.

The two other guys pulled out their cocks, and I took turns on all four of them. While I was giving them head, they took turns feeling my wet pussy.

I love the feeling of having a circle of black guys jerking off their huge cocks right in front of my face. I knew they were all so close to cumming, judging by their throbbing hard cocks. One of them pushed my head down on their cocks, and without warning shot a big load of cum that slid right down my throat with no effort on my part.

The other guys quickly followed until I had a stomach full of black cum. I looked around at the two white guys and winked before getting up and walking away without letting them get their fill of me.

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