Daddy and I always had a special bond. Quality time with daddy was always “hands on time.” Lots of naughty one on one time licking, sucking and lots of fucking. That all changed when I started dating Alex.

My Daddy didn’t like my boyfriend Alex. I didn’t know why at the time. I now know why. I think it’s was because he didn’t like sharing his little girl with anyone. I would always reassure Daddy that he’s the only one I really loved, but I guess that wasn’t enough. One night a few years ago, I invited Alex over for dinner and afterward, we went outside by the pool. We were sitting by the edge of the pool dangling our feet and talking when something so innocent turned into the most heated make-out session.

Slowly he put his hand under my top and was fondling my breast. Steamy kissing and tweaking my perky nipples. My little young pussy was twitching with excitement. Just then, it felt like someone watching us. The thought of being watched turned me on even more. I love being an exhibitionist. I figured it was either Mr. Thomas, from next door or daddy watching from the living room window. I thought I’d tease and torture him by ignoring him and giving Alex a good time. I loved driving daddy crazy. I moaned loudly and said, “Oh God Alex, keep touching me.” He kept kissing me, as his hand squeezed me harder. My pussy started to tingle with excitement.

It still gets me wet thinking about the night. Especially when I think about what followed. I didn’t want to get daddy mad. I knew he would be disappointed because I was giving Alex all my attention. The naughty taboo attention, I should have been giving to daddy. After a yummy lingering kiss, I gently pushed him away and said “it’s getting late, maybe you should leave.” He didn’t want to stop. I pushed his hand away and he said “You are a dick tease and you are giving me blue balls.” I said, “Silly boy, tell me something I don’t know.” I promised him that I would sneak over in a few hours and let him clean me out.  I told him to edge his cock, while he thought about me getting fucked by my father. He finally left and it was quality time with daddy.

I stayed by the pool and waited to see what Daddy would do. After a minute he came over to me and said “It wasn’t very nice of him to leave like that. Your pussy must be dying to be touched.” He was right and I was so happy when he put his hand under my skirt.  Slowly I guided his hand over my sweet bald pussy. Would you love to have daddy – daughter / incest phone sex fun? He slid his middle finger deep into my pussy and felt how wet I was. He couldn’t resist his little girls pussy any longer. He pushed me on my back. Daddy undid his pants and revealed his little throbbing cock. His little dick was so hard for me! Interested in some little dick humiliation phone sex? He couldn’t wait to fuck me. I gently slid my hand down to my pussy and lightly stroked myself, as I said “Go ahead and fuck me Daddy.” He smiled at me and said he was going to fuck me better than Alex ever did. “You will die trying daddy.”

Daddy slipped between my legs and I wrapped them around his waist. I wanted to feel ever inch he had to offer. I pulled him closer to me. I wanted him as deep as he could get inside me. He leaned over me and shoved his throbbing cock into me hard. I groaned, as he tried to fill my tight young pussy. My back rubbed against the patio stones, as he tried to ram his cock into me hard and fast. I tightened my pussy muscles around him. He didn’t hold back, he moaned at the added pressure of my tight young pussy. His grunting and panting grew louder with each thrust of his little dick deep in my tight hole. I was getting closer to exploding. I rocked my hips in sync with daddy’s hard thrusts. A minute later, I cried out “I’m cumming daddy. I’m cumming – fill me up with your load now.” Daddy kept fucking me and finally filled my tight little snatch with his creamy cum.

Getting his little dick off wasn’t much of a challenge. His task of satisfying his baby girl, was easily completed. He got up and put his little cock away. I could feel his sticky wet cum dripping from my wet snatch, as I put my panties on and straightened my skirt. “Catch ya later daddy, thanks for the cum load.” “Where do you think your going young lady?” He said with a puzzled look on his face. “I’m off to Alex’s house.” I said with a little giggle “he’s gonna clean up the mess you just made.” I satisfied daddy’s little cock and Alex was gonna lap up the cream from my cum filled pussy.   Call me – I’d love to share the details of what happened next.

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Kiss Kiss

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