Recently I went away for a long weekend to visit an old college friend that lives in California. It had been years since I saw her, and she has this really nice home on the beach. It has a small stretch of private beach actually, and she said to feel free to sunbathe or swim nude, no one could see. It seemed a bit deserted, her neighbors were away, I really did have privacy and she was always very comfortable being nude, so I was fine with it as well.

While I was there, her sister called her for some small emergency and she had to leave me alone for a few hours. I didn’t mind, the beach was lovely, very warm, so I took off my beach cover up and laid back . All I had on was sunglasses and suntan oil. I heard a noise and saw one of the neighbors had returned and was looking at me, a good looking guy in his 20’s. I hadn’t moved my head much, so I don’t think he saw me look at him. He was looking at my nude body, no doubt admiring it. I decided to put on a bit of a show for him since he didn’t seem in any hurry to go. I got the suntan lotion and started smoothing it all over my breasts until my nipples were hard and erect. I swear I saw his cock come to life, as he was nude too.



I then went down to my inner thighs and started oiling them up and caressed my pussy while I was at it and he absolutely noticed that, especially when I parted my legs and went for my clit. I was gliding my oiled fingers all over my cunt until I was really turned on and I saw him stroking his cock as he watched. I then lifted my sunglasses so he could see me staring right at him as I continued to rub my pussy. He walked over with that hard cock and came right to me and continued to pump it. I reached out and started to lick the head of it, this man I hadn’t even spoken a word to, licking the drops of precum off of his hard cock right there in the sun.

I deep throated it and made it dripping wet with my saliva until he came all over my nude tits. I got on all fours and he crouched behind me and I felt his tongue licking my pussy from behind. I love that position since it makes my clit stick out. His tongue slithered in and out of my pussy, driving me wild as my clit throbbed. I flinched for a moment as I felt his tongue start swirling around my ass and flicker all over it before pushing inside. I wasn’t expecting that, but it felt fantastic and I bend down even further to give him better access to my ass. He worked my clit with his fingers as he ate my ass and I soon came on his fingers and his tongue.

In 2 seconds he had his cock in me doggy style and was pounding me like there was no tomorrow. I could feel his full balls slap against my ass that he’d just licked with the intensity of a hungry dog. I could feel another orgasm welling up inside of me and it was going to be a blockbuster. I clenched my cunt muscles around his shaft that was dripping with my juices, milking his dick as he continued in me with thrust after thrust finally releasing a torrent of hot cum inside of me until it dripped down my thighs. He pulled it out of me, shiny and slick with our juices and finally introduced himself to me. It’s always nice to meet a friendly neighbor.

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