Pushing Sex Like a Dealer Pushes Drugs Come Get This Medicine

Pushing sex like a dealer pushes drugs isn’t all that bad.  Not all dealers are corner brothers and junkies.  Dealers come in many forms.  We have doctors that take bribes by the pharmaceutical companies.  Doctors bank off this industry too.  Sex sales!  Pushing sex like a cash advance on your health, so fuck responsibly.  Wrap that shit up, get tested, and slang that dick in some clean pussy that you know won’t send you to the doctor. 

You don’t have to be lonely to rub one out.  Masturbation is not a disease.  Sex is not nasty unless you make it so.  Sex is not love unless you nurture it, fashion it and condition it into more than just your kinks and thrills. As a phone sex operator, I push sex like a preacher pushes Jesus and a dealer pushes drugs.  I need you to want to be happy just as bad as a crackhead wants to get high.  Have the same faith as a junkie.  That junkie may not know where their next high is coming from, but they have “faith” that, that high is coming.  

It has been such a long time since I actually missed anyone.  I stay busy so that I don’t long for anyone.  I masturbate so that I don’t need anyone.  Heck, I even became a phone sex operator so that I wouldn’t need anyone to supplement my income.  Interdependence is cool, but what the heck has it done to my sex life?  Codependence isn’t cool either, but I miss being a Sugar Baby!  I’d rather be interdependent.

Pushing sex like interdependence is the goal, is grande!  

Set your boundaries, respect the limits, come up with a rewards and punishments system.  Let the punishment or reward be tailor-fit to the situation at hand.  Pushing sex is cool when it is consensual.  I’d love to pretend you were forcing me to take that COCK!  Feed me, Babe, and bust my teeth out!  Make me gag on that dick!  Take my breath away!  Fart in my face and shower me with cum or piss!  

You get to pick how I push sex like nobody’s business.  Tell me your fantasy, share your world of stress and I’ll turn it into bliss.  Don’t worry about how sweet I sound.  I’m a bit bratty and I can turn on the sarcasm when needed.  So, yeah I’m nice but who doesn’t like being catered to? Push up on me at the wrong time and you might get your balls caught in a trap.  

Push up on me and lick me, tease me, strap me down, and bind me up!  Oh, yeah!  I’m here for it!  My codeword is “baby!”  For nothing will make me dry up like the Sahara desert faster than the thought of wrecking my body with a baby.  On the other hand, if you want me to be your SyFy experiment and impregnate me, again and again!  Oh, yeah!  Take care of me, daddy!  I want to drink all of your kids.

Pushing sex like a preacher pushes Jesus don’t come easy!  

Budda was asked, “what will happen when he dies?”  Multiple people asked Budda this same question about this man and Buddha gave a different answer each time.  Your response is for the level of your understanding and the magnitude of your kink!  Wanna be vanilla or kinkier than a Pioneer Prostitute from the 1900s?  I promise I’ll be good to you.  You don’t have to shoot me in the groin like Bessie Colvin’s Madame did.  

We can make love in the morning while I bent over praying.  We can rub one out in the afternoon, and fuck all night if you like.  Push sex like you gotta have it.  Chase that high, like a heroin addict.  Replace your lunch break with a masturbation break.  Drink your coffee and dream with me.  Come on daddy, I need you to make me feel good on the inside part!  Breathe me in, and release a little joy.  

Do you hear that beg?  I read my Bible, Quran, Talmud, and Emerald Tablets.  Religion has taught me how to be a good slave to sex.  Make me scream your name as Christians shout for Jesus!  Edge me on with your hands around my throat, and knife to my belly.  Slap me around, and slut-shame me.  I can take it, I’m your filthy slut!  Frighten me so that I soil my pants, and cum so hard that I pass out!

Fuck your baby sister! 

You know you love fucking your baby sitter too!  I won’t tell daddy!  He can join in.  I’m such a little slut, but you won’t know it until we find ourselves in quite a coinkydink.  So call me to play a little family incest fun the best phone sex I’ve had yet.  It only gets better from here. 


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke