I LOVE To Push Boundaries & Mind Fuck You. What’s Too Taboo?

Does anyone love to push boundaries like me? So tell me, how fucked up do you like it! I don’t write these stories only for my pleasure and satisfaction. I also write them for yours! With that being said, I want to know what fucked up fantasies you have and what really gets your motor going. I want to know about those deep dark thoughts that you tell no one about. I want to hear about the time you fantasized about raping your mother, your aunt or your sister. Talk to me about the time you put peanut butter on your cock and let Fido lick it.

Don’t worry naughty boy, I won’t judge you. That’s right baby, I won’t tell a soul about your twisted imagination. No, instead I will join you and tell you my dirty little secrets. No, instead I will encourage you to push boundaries. That’s when I will in return tell you my deepest sexual secrets and fantasies. Maybe you’re curious as to why I write them here and not on my company’s main page?!?! Perhaps you wanna know why a seemingly sweet naughty vixen like me, loves to write about the fucked up shit no one openly talks about.

So, I will gladly talk about anything you want me to talk about, I will openly share anything about myself. On one condition of course. I expect 100% honesty from you, as that’s what I intend to give you in return. Also, I want you to make me blush. Next, I’m here to hear about shit I never even thought of yet. Finally, I want to write about what YOU want to read about.

You need to know that I will personally stop at nothing, to make sure you have what you need from this dirty blog.

So tell me, fulfill my curiosity and let me satisfy you in a way you’ve only dreamed about! Call me, email me, IM me or comment here. It matters not, as long as I get the answers to my questions. No limits, no rules, ever. This is your opportunity to really let loose and have a good time! So naughty boy, when you’re ready, I will be here! Oh, did I mention I love to watch?

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