Well I just found out something very interesting- males are males no matter the country or species! I know I’ve been bad lately, but Norman I guess felt guilty over some of my punishments, and he knows most happened because I am lonely, so the other day he came home with a new gift- a cute little puppy! Now I’m not one that carries the dogs around everywhere, but this little guy was cute- half Husky, half Sheppard. He had the absolute BIGGEST paws I had ever seen, and he was only about 8 weeks old.

Well, as you know, puppies demand a lot of attention, and this guy is no different. He always wants to play or eat, and doesn’t like it when I am on the phone. So the other day I let him out back by the pool while I took a call. He whined and cried so much, I apologized to my caller and let him in. He went to his empty food dish, and I went to get some dry food, and poured him some, and went back to the couch to finish my call.

Well I forget the puppy, and got back on the couch. My robe fell open, and I started to play with my tits and pussy as the caller got me worked up. My eyes were closed, and I was in ecstasy playing with my 32G tits, and rubbing my pussy, when I felt a wet cold nose on my thigh. I looked up and there was my little puppy sniffing around. I wondered what he was sniffing, and sure enough, he put his nose right in my twat! I wasn’t sure what to do, and then he started licking with his rough tongue. It felt strange, but amazing! My caller asked if I was still there, and I told him yes, but he wouldn’t believe what was happening. He told me he wanted to know, so I told him that my puppy was licking my pussy- and it felt really good. I let him keep going, and it was amazing. After only a couple minutes, I felt an orgasm, and to both my surprise, and the dogs, I squirted cum all over him! He jumped when I squealed, but came back to lick up the juices!

I picked him up and he licked my face. I could taste my juices on him, and it was strange and nice. I even saw his little red rocket sticking out. I reached under him and rubbed it for a minute, and he cooed nicely. I knew he was a bit young for cum, but I gave it a quick kiss, and he seemed to like that. My caller told me he came twice listening to this go on. Anyone else think it would be hot? Give me a call and maybe we can walk the dog together..


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