I’ve been a bad girl, a very bad little cock tease.

I deserve to be Punished

So that leaves the question of how will you do it? Will you give me a firm spanking on my soft round rear? Maybe I deserve something worse so I won’t ever piss you off again?

Punishment sex.

Maybe you should cuff and blindfold me and give me to your friends? Or maybe the Big Black fellow next door should abuse my tight little ass and leave a big load of jungle juice, that’ll teach me won’t it?

Maybe thats just not harsh enough, maybe I need the big pole stuffed down my throat and for my eyes to tear up while you give me a face fucking i’ve never ever gotten before.

Maybe there’s something far more devious floating around in that head?

I know you’ve got something planned to make sure that I never act out again and never ever leave you with blue balls or even think of doing it again!

What’s is there left to talk about? I think i’ve forced you to wait long enough for your chance to show me,

All that you have to do is just….

Pick Up The Phone

It’s time to teach this Naughty Girl a Lesson