Punishment time!

“Punishment time I warned you,” he told me. I was pulled from his lap, and he shoved me over the dining room table. My breasts flattened against the cold wood. Before I could move, his hands were at my waist, yanking down my tight jeans and panties in one swift movement. I gasped as the cold air hit my bare ass, and now bent over like this he could see my trimmed pussy. He forced my feet up to pull the jeans completely off, and then stood, and leaned over me, his body pressed against mine. Through his jeans, I felt his cock throbbing against my bare ass.

“I told you, no more talking. This is your punishment.” He grabbed my ponytail, yanking it again, and when I opened my mouth to react to the pain, he shoved my panties into it.

“Spit them out, and I’ll shove something worse in and duct tape it in place,” he warned me, speaking quietly right into my ear. “Nod to show you understand me.”

I nodded, and he pulled me up by the ponytail, off the table and back to the chair to be draped over his lap.

The pain from the spanking was worse without the denim barrier, and each slap was louder. I felt my ass get hot and knew if I twisted around to look, it would be red. Tears were in my eyes when he stopped, his large hot palms settling on my red ass to squeeze it.

Who knew I would be serving a punishment tonight!

I gasped through the panties in my mouth when he ran his finger down my crack. Then he suddenly plunged two fingers into my pussy, all the way in.

“Spanking you got you even wetter,” he told me. “Pervert.”

He began to fuck me with the two fingers in hard, fast strokes.

“So you like being spanked, huh, little whore?” he taunted me as his fingers sank in and out of my tight wet hole. “Kinky little bitch.”

Wanna find out why I was being punished? Want to be my punishment bringer?

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