My sub, Michael, made a crucial mistake…disobeying me.  I specifically told him NOT to cum anymore until he came over in two days.  Not an unreasonable request…but as my sub, NOTHING is unreasonable.  As he walked through the door I could see the guilt written all over his face.  “Is there something you need to tell me, Michael?” I asked.   “Well, Mistress, I had a bit of an accident yesterday,” he replied.

“What kind of accident did you have, Michael?” “Well,” he proceeded, “I was in the shower thinking about today and I became hard as a rock.  I didn’t mean to cum, but as I was washing, it felt really good.  My hand may have lingered a little longer than it should have, Mistress, I couldn’t help it!  Then my cock just erupted in my hand.”  “YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!  How hard is it for you to follow directions?!?” I shouted.


I walked past him into our room.  He knew the drill, follow right behind me, head down, eyes on the floor in front of him and DO NOT look at me during punishment unless he has permission to do so.  As we entered our room I ordered, “Strip out of all of your clothes, you know what to do, Michael!”  “Yes, Mistress Brooke,” he replied.  He did as he was told and proceeded to walk straight up to the restraints used for times like this.

I swear his bitch ass does shit to piss me off on purpose sometimes, just so I will punish him!  He placed his hands out in front of himself, head still bowed, waiting patiently as I bound them.  Once I finished tying up his wrists I took the line hanging from the ceiling and pulled it until his hands were above his head.  There he was bare assed naked in the center of the room with his hands tied above his head, standing on the balls of his feet as he was nearly suspended from the ceiling, waiting for his punishment.

“Why are you in this position, Michael?” I asked calmly, but in a tone that he KNEW meant he was in trouble.  “I disobeyed you by cumming while I touched myself in the shower, Mistress,” he replied, “and now you will punish me.”  “How long did you touch yourself before you came?” I asked.  “Only a few minutes, Mistress, I swear!”  I grabbed his jaw with one hand, thumb on one side of his face and the rest on the other side, and moved his face to look at mine.  He kept his eyes down but I squeezed his cheeks and said, “Look at me, Michael!”  His eyes met mine as I said, “I asked….HOW LONG, Michael!”  “No more than five minutes, Mistress.  I promise it wasn’t any longer than that.”  I let go of his face and he moved his gaze back down to the floor.

So I walked over to the wall and removed my favorite paddle for reddening his ass when he misbehaves.  Moving behind him I said, “You touched yourself for five minutes before you came, is that right Michael?”  “Yes Mistress, only five minutes.”  “Well then,” I started, “for each minute that you touched your pathetic excuse for a cock without my permission will be one hard swat from the paddle.  I want you to count them as I go.  Do you understand Michael?” I asked.

“Yes Mistress, I understand,” he replied.  WHACK!! “Oof!  One, Mistress Brooke!”  WHACK!! “Ohh..MMM…TWO, Mistress Brooke!”  WHACK!! “UUGGG!!! MMM…THREE, Mistress Brooke!”  WHACK!!  “FUCK!! MMM…UGGG…FOUR, MISTRESS BROOKE!!”  WHACK!!  “AAHHH!!! FUCK!!! FIVE, MISTRESS BROOKE!!”  “Mmmm, very good Michael!” I said as I rubbed my hand over his swollen, red ass.  “Thank you, Mistress,” he said breathlessly as his body slumped down and he hung from the suspensions.  “Now you are going to follow my commands and be a good slave from now on, isn’t that right, Michael?”  “Yes, Mistress.  I will do everything you tell me to.  I’m sorry for disobeying you Mistress,” he replied.

I moved to the cord, tied to the wall hooks and lowered him slowly to the ground.  He automatically assumed his kneeling position.  His dick was already hard.  I knew he would enjoy that fucking punishment.  As I stepped in front of him his cock started twitching and he shot his cum all over my bare feet!  “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME MICHAEL?!?!” I screamed.  “I’m so sorry Mistress!  You know how much I love your perfect feet.

I was so turned on from my punishment that just the sight of your feet made me cum!  I didn’t even touch it, I swear!” he pleaded.  “Get down there and lick up your fucking mess!”  I demanded.  “Yes, Mistress.”  I LOVE bringing my men to their knees.  Do you think you are ready to submit it to me completely?  Give me a call, we’ll see if you have what it takes to be a good little slave.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke