Public Sex in the strip club!

Public Sex??!! For Us?!!??  Going to get ourselves a stripper? Sex was never this good! It was playtime at the local strip club!!

Play time at the local strip club and the thought of public sex already had my pussy soaking wet!! Sounded like fun! It was our weekly night to go out, my husband and I, and since we’ve fallen kinda into a rut lately we decided to spice it up and go to a female strip club and find ourselves a female stripper. I expected it to be a turn on for him but was I surprised to find out it was an extreme turn on for me! And boy the female stripper made me hot!

We got there and sat in a booth close to the runway that the girls were on. There were naked strippers everywhere. Tits and ass were all we saw there was a really attractive redhead that I was admiring. My husband called her over and bought her a drink. She sat at the table with us and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her.

She had long red wavy hair, beautiful baby blue eyes and her breasts were at least a 36DD. In her thong, she had the greatest ass.

My husband saw me admiring her and paid her to do a lap dance. It wasn’t for him it was for me. I am not the only one that loves the idea of public sex! I was so embarrassed at first but she got up and straddled my legs and started to slowly move to the sound of the music. Gently brushing her legs up against mine I started to feel a pit in the bottom of my stomach.Play time at the local strip club was getting hot!! I knew I was getting aroused. Leaning forward she pushed her luscious titties into my face and I longed to suck on one of her large nipples. Sexily she danced and I looked over at my husband who I could tell was getting as turned on as I was. The female stripper made me hot!

After my lap dance was over I was so wet that I took my husband into the girls’ bathroom and locked the door. Pushing me hard against the wall he shoved my head lower to his waist so I could suck him off. After choking on his huge cock for a few minutes he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me into a standing position, From there the had me jump up and straddle his waist as he pushed me up against the wall and fucked me right there in the girls’ bathroom. That wasn’t the only night we went out to the strip bar lets say.

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