Public Sex – Sex With A Stranger At A Hotel Swimming Pool – Part Two

Public Sex – Going from one nipple to the other driving me wild.  His large hands cupping and caressing my breasts.  Moving over my entire body.  I felt like I was losing all sense of time, space.  It didn’t matter that I didn’t even know his name or that someone could walk in.  I didn’t care.  Giving myself over to the moment and allowing myself to feel every touch.  Every sensation.  He came back up to kiss me with his warm mouth.  Lifted me up and carried me to the pool and placed me in the water.  I opened my eyes to see him pulling his swim trunks off in front of me and having his rock hard cock right there.  Right there.

I looked up at him almost like asking for permission and he nodded his head.

He sat on the edge of the pool.  Opening my mouth, I stuck my tongue out and started lavishing his balls.  Tonguing, licking, sucking.  And then going to the base of his big dick.  Began licking nice and slow up his shaft all the way up to the head.  The salty taste of his skin mixed with the chlorine from the pool was intoxicating.  I opened wide and took him all the way in my mouth.  Down my throat.  Hearing him moan, I just held it.  Right there.  Feeling his hands around my head, fingers wrapped in my hair.  His hips moving as he fed me his cock.

For one moment I thought “WHOA! What are you doing?  Who is this guy?”

But then I went back to not caring at all.  Does this feel good?  YES!  Do I like it?  YES!  Do I want more?  YES!  Soooo – Voice of Reason – FUCK OFF!  This is happening and I’m loving it!  Right about the time when I thought I would be able to drink from him.  He stopped me.  Confused, I looked up at him.  He came down off the edge of the pool.  Cupped my face.  Kissed me and reached down to pull my bikini bottoms down.  I stepped out of them willingly as he continued to kiss my mouth and neck.  Now here we were.  Naked together.  In the water.  Alone.  Or so we thought anyway.  At least I thought so.  We continued making out in the water.

Suddenly he hiked me up on the edge of the pool.

Told me to spread my legs and wrap them around his shoulders.  I’m a good girl so I did as I was told.  Leaning back, I felt his mouth and tongue on my pussy.  Just like he did with my nipples and breasts.  He took his own sweet time driving me batshit crazy.  Bringing me to the edge over and over.  But not quite there.  Pretty soon I was in tears.

Literally BEGGING.

Just when I thought I couldn’t handle anymore, he brought me back down.  Into the water and stuck his hard cock in me.  Wrapping my arms around his shoulders.  Kissing him.  Moaning as I finally felt him inside of me.  Our bodies moving together.  Water splashing.  So good.  Building, building, building.  We came together HARD.  Crazy.  We stayed like that for a while with the water around us.  He finally pulled out and held my hand as we walked up the steps.  Out of the water.  He wrapped a towel around me.  And a towel around himself and left.  That was it.  There and Gone.  But I hear there’s a public sex video from the desk clerk.  There are cameras EVERYWHERE!


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