Public Sex Stories are always so sizzling hot when you share them with someone. Especially when the Public Sex Stories are about an adventure to the adult bookstore with a sexy Mistress. He would only suck cock for me. Anything for his Mistress.  Even if she forced him to be a good little sperm bank. (Wicked LiL Laugh) Have you taken your daily deposit of yummy cum?

Kevin needed a lesson on sucking cock in public. It didn’t take much, just a little encouragement. He already knew what my reaction would be to his request. I let out a little laugh, as I gave him specific direction about our little public outing. “Dress in your pretty little pink panties and make sure to wear the glossy pink lipstick,” I said, His voice quivered with pure excitement. “Yes, Mistress Raven.” He knew he wanted and needed this. He couldn’t refuse his needs. These public sex stories make my pussy tingle with excitement, as I reveal Kevin’s cum dumpster adventure.

Kevin was dressed to impress and waiting for the first big hard cock to slip through the hole. Eager to please, he dropped to his knees. The dirty details will make your cock throb with excitement. Down on his knees, with his mouth open wide. Slowly sucking a big beautiful cock and desperate for the first load cum. The cock slipped through the hole, as I fed each cock deep into his mouth. He almost gagged on the thick BBC that slipped through the hole. I grabbed his face, “Don’t you dare disappoint me.” I said in a stern voice. His eyes watering and his mouth hungry for more. He almost gagged with pleasure, as he sucked the big black cock like a pro. Within minutes Kevin’s mouth was filled with a load of cum he would never forget.

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Public Sex Stories

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