Public Sex Stories: Whenever we go out he can’t keep his hands off of me.

Public Sex Stories: My boyfriend has always had this naughty little exhibitionist kink. He just loves fucking me in public. The more people around and the higher the possibility of us getting caught the better. Whenever we go out I can’t get him to keep his hands off of me. It’s like the second we get around people, his cock starts throbbing. He’s always rubbing my pussy at dinner or when we go to the movies. By the time we are halfway through a date, he is aching for me. He knows that once I get turned on I won’t be able to say no to his kinky need to fuck me in public. Who knows? Some Oral Sex may even be on the menu.

I can feel my panties starting to soak with my warm pussy juice as I think about his big hard cock filling me up. I can’t deny myself the erotic pleasure of letting him fuck me. One of our favorite little fuck spots is tucked away in the corner of the park. It’s the perfect little set up to take a blanket to lay down and fool around. Of course, it can never end there.

Once we start going we don’t know how to stop until he’s shooting his load deep inside me. Even with the people that are out walking their babies in their strollers and guys playing fetch with their dogs. It’s so hot to let him reach under my dress and touch my wet little pussy. It’s a pretty populated park and at any moment one of them could catch us fucking right there. All it would take is a guy to throw his frisbee a little too far and run over by us to get it…..

Stay Tuned for Part Two…..