I have the cutest feet ever and they’re so soft and smooth they make for great Public Sex Stories.

 When I’m in the mood for Public Sex Stories about feet I love showing them off in strappy sandals. I paint my nails in sexy colors like dark red.

 It’s easy to tell when a guy’s into feet and Public Sex Stories because they always sneak looks at them.  I’m willing to bet that Neil thinks about mine a lot. He always checks them out first when other guys just stare at my tits.

 I decided to see if I was right about Neil when we ended up at the same party. Having lots of fun, dancing with all the hot guys I needed to cool down after a while.

I went out on the back porch to finish my beer and sat in a chair, putting my feet on the railing. He came out a minute later and sat beside me while he tried to make small talk.

 “My feet are aching so much in these heels,” I said with a sigh as I slipped them off. I wiggled my toes then began rubbing them, kneading my fingers into my sole as I moaned. “That feels good,” I said and kept going while he watched.

 After a few minutes, he started doing little movements and picking at his crotch. He was trying to hide his boner from me.  I pretended not to notice as turned my chair to face him then kicked off my other heel. Then I stuck that foot in his lap.

 I pouted and asked him if he could rub that one for me, pretty please? Sliding my foot to his dick he quickly put his hands on it, stopping me from touching it.

He held it for a second, unsure of what to do so I wiggled my foot around in his hand.

“Your hands are so big and warm,” I said as I rubbed my foot just under my toes.

He started massaging my foot, doing it slowly while I stared at the bulge in his pants. “You like this don’t you?’ I said and when he shrugged I took my foot out of his hand and pressed it against his hard dick.

 Rubbing my toes over his cock he blushed as I told him to show me how much he likes my feet.

He just sat there and I told him to jerk off for me or else I’d tell everyone he had a thing for feet and Public Sex Stories.

 I put my foot at the top of his thigh while he took his dick out and gave it a few strokes. He kept looking at the door then back at my feet as he did it and I told him to hurry up before someone came out and saw what he was doing.

 Rubbing my big toe over his head, I made him shiver.  I left my foot by the base of his dick as he started jerking off again. I made him watch me by moaning and touching my other foot, sliding my fingers over my toes and along the side of it.

 He did little groans at the back of his throat and I told him how my foot felt as I moved my hands over it. We could hear the party going on inside while we touched ourselves and he made a high pitched noise when he was about to cum.

 I watched as he came all over his hand and stained his jeans with it. Loving kinky sex stories I put my heels back on and stood up. “You might want to get cleaned up before going back inside,” I said then left him.

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