Public Sex Stories: Let’s Go to the Movie Theater and be the Main Feature

Here’s one of the hottest public sex stories that you’re sure to love!

My boyfriend and I decided to go see a movie at the theatre. When we got our tickets and headed to the showroom we realized there weren’t many people there. We sat down and got comfy in our seats watching the previews and he put his hand on my thigh. I was wearing a short red dress that came down about midthigh. He looked at me and smiled as he slid his hand between my legs. I slid down in the seat and threw my leg over his, giving him easier access as I started to get wet with so many thoughts going through my mind.

He lifted the armrest and put my leg over the seat as he went down and started eating my pussy. It felt so good. I moaned and sighed as the couple behind watched us. They seemed to be very entertained at that point. As I started to grind my pussy into his face, I saw another coming our way, but they kept walking past us and sat next to the other couple. I’ve always loved having an audience and I could tell they were interested in watching us.

My boyfriend sat up in the seat and pulled his cock out. I knew it was time for me to ride him like crazy!

As I sat up to climb on his lap I smiled at our audience and pulled straps down, letting my tits pop out. I slid his hard cock in my pussy nice and slow. Once it was in, I rode that fucker like it was my bull. With my tits bouncing in front of his face, my boyfriend sucked my nipple into his mouth as I owned his cock. I couldn’t hold it back, I was cumming all over him, and before I knew it he was cumming inside of me too.

I melted down into the seat and I heard footsteps coming from behind me. It was one of the couples that watched. They gave us a paper with their phone number and told us they would love to join us sometime if we were up for it. My boyfriend and I smiled at each other and told them we would call them later.

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