Public Sex Stories At The Mall

You guys know I love to tell you all about my public sex stories. Though I don’t have many I have been pushing myself lately. It is just so hot doing something you are not supposed to. So this weekend I did something crazy. I got ready to do some shopping and decided to put in small vibrator in my purse. YES! You read that right. The idea was to use it while I was in the mall and well, let’s just say I had to buy the stuff I bought with some stains.

I walked into Forever 21 and picked up a few things. A dress, some shorts and of course a few of my favorite crop tops. If you know me, you know I don’t wear bra and panties so just thinking about walking into the dressing room to use my vibrator was making my leggings soaking wet. I sat on the dress and pulled my leggings down. I got my vibrator and started playing with my clit. It was feeling so fucking good that soon enough, I was dripping wet. The fun started when more people started to walk in other dressing rooms.

Maybe because it’s hot to know that you are doing something wrong, but I actually came quite quickly after I heard someone. There were girls walking around, coming and going. I didn’t stop though. I was even hornier. So I kept fucking my little pussy with my vibe at full speed. When I was about to cum, an employee knocked on the door and asked if I needed any help. With a cracked voice, I said I was fine. Right after that, I squirted all over the floor. Best orgasm I’ve had in awhile!

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