Tiss the season to enjoy the beauty of Nature, and some wild public sex stories.  This past weekend,  I decided to take a trip to my local greenhouse to purchase some new flower to add to my gardens. When I pulled up there was only another vehicle in the parking lot. I thought they might be closed already but stepped out and took a peek anyway. That is when I noticed a rather muscular man watering the plants without a shirt. Letting out a simple hello was enough to startle him. He then turned around spraying the front of my white tank top with the cold frigid water, from this long garden hose.

The two of us stood in shock staring, my shirt drenched and see through.

My brown nipples stood at attention showing their beautiful color against the soaked white cotton fabric. Apologies quickly followed, but they were of little importance. I could see the front of his shorts were already forming a bulge. The two of us were so turned on we could barely hold back our desires for each other. He dropped the hose and thrust himself towards me pushing me into the nearest greenhouse. His lips kissed all over my neck as I began to remove the front of his shorts.

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He pulled down the wet fabric over my tits and slurped and sucked my nipples. His hands pulled up my skirt and moved my panties to the side. Then with one swift movement, he shoved every last inch of his rock hard dick into my wet pussy. I moaned out as he hoisted me onto a shelf plowing deep inside of me. The greenhouse swayed with every thrust into me. I could barely hold back how much I was loving every last second of this. That is when I let go and covered him in my sweet cum juices and he did the same. Needless to say, I got seeds that day but no plants.  Want more Fetish Phone Sex fun and hot adult chatBlack phone sex has never been so good!

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