Public sex stories- Sara’s hot friends have dirty sex in public

Public sex stories- so many hot sex stories from my sexy school friends. We were all hanging out at a bar after classes and everyone had a story to tell. Topic: Nastiest public sex you have ever had. There were a few:

Samantha: Fucking the drummer backstage. Samantha admitted she is a groupie. The time she described to us how she snuck through the stage door and found a couch in the green room. She could smell the band. Weed, stale beer and BO. It got her hot so she started to touch herself through her fishnet stockings. The band got off the stage and walk into her finger fucking herself. She was pretty wasted when she spotted the drummer with big hands. “Come here and fuck me!” She yelled at him. telling the story she was only slightly embarrassed. “I made him eat my pussy in front of everyone in the room. then he pulled out his big long thick dick and he shoved it into me. I came so fucking hard that night!”

Ashley- blew a doorman to use the bathroom.

Ashley needs to pee so bad. She was in the upper westside bar hopping, and she realized she really had to pee as she was walking to the train. A doorman was standing in front of his building. “Please sir, can I PLEEEEAAAASSSEEE use your bathroom?” h looked her up and down. She had a tight dress on and sexy heels. He smiled. “what will you do for me?” “just let me pee. I will make it worth your time.” She said. He took her to someone’s luxury apartment and pointed the way to the bathroom. She was going to close the door, and he said no. “Let me watch.” She pulled down her panties and sat on the toilet. The doorman unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. “Really?” She said. He nodded. She sucked his cock while she peed.


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