Public Sex Stories – What I Fantasize for Easter

Public sex stories are often some of my favorite because of the chance of getting caught. This public phone sex fantasy has a greater chance of getting caught because it’s during a race. Yes, in a race, actually.

For those of you who don’t know, I volunteer for a local charity and this weekend (the day before Easter) is going to be a bed race. It’s supposed to have one rider and four runners to push the bed. The hot thing about this is the firefighters and police are going to enter this year and I love a man (or woman) in uniform.

Imagine this in your head…

The Firefighter team is getting ready for their turn to run down the street. There are a lot of people cheering on the sidelines and everyone is excited. I can’t help but check out the super hot guys. Every single one of them makes my pussy wet because they are all so toned.

It doesn’t take me long to start flirting with the rider in the race. I’m not actually in the race, I just helped make the bed float. Their bed is cool because it has fake flames going up the sides and a grey canopy draped over the top of it.

My dirty mind automatically thought it would be so kinky to ride his cock on that float. So, using my infamous charm, I manage to snag myself a hunky fireman. All we both want is a quickie because the race is going to start soon.

Sitting on top of his cock, my blood is pumping so hard into my ears. The canopy completely covers us and I keep myself as quiet as I can. I throw my head back as I erupt sweet cum all over his cock.

He grabs my hips and thrusts his cock deeper into my pussy as I convulse around him. That’s when we feel the bed moving. My eyes fly open and I can feel the bed moving and I can hear the crowd cheering on either side of us.

We had been so distracted we didn’t even notice his turn had been next. I feel my heart race even faster because I’m expecting us to get caught any minute…..

If you want to create your own ending then give me a call for some hot phone sex!

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