Public Sex Stories: I Get Really Excited When We Have An Audience!

One of the hottest public sex stories you will ever hear.

My boyfriend and I decided to go out to the bar and have some drinks and listen to music. When we got to the bar there were so many people. Some familiar faces in the crowd and some unfamiliar, but we knew we would have a great time. We chatted with friends and bought a round for everyone.

After a few songs and good conversation, I wanted to play a game of pool. I knew how much it turned my boyfriend on to watch me bend over with that stick in my hand and squeeze my tits together as I positioned myself. I knew it would really drive him wild with what I was wearing. So I had on a short, cut off, jean skirt and a tiny tank top with no bra. We played a couple games and the drinks seemed to get stronger as time went on.

I started to feel so horny and I didn’t want to wait until we left. My pussy was wet and I wanted it then and there!

That’s when I walked over to the booth where my boyfriend had sat down. I smiled at him as climbed on his lap and started kissing his neck. He instantly got hard. I could feel it poke against my pussy through his pants. I reached down and unzipped his pants. His eyes got so big, but he didn’t try to stop me. With a bar full of people and a couple sitting across from us, I slid his cock in my pussy and started slamming it!  I fucked him so hard without a care in the world.

I didn’t care who watched. It excited me. I looked over my shoulder and saw the crowd cheering me on. There were guys everywhere with boners and girls with hard nipples. The next thing I knew, the owner came over and whispered in my ear. He said, he was enjoying the show, but he wanted a turn as well. After I came I grabbed my boyfriends hand and led to the back where the owner was waiting for his turn.

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