Public Sex Stories From The Beach With Alyssa Rolling Around on the sand heats up one summer night.

Telling one of our Public Sex Stories is a thrill I have to admit. Remembering the weekend we lived on the sand makes me feel like we’re right back there again. Feeling the warm sun on my skin, the hot sand on my toes, and your soft lips on my neck gets me craving a vacation. Needing you here between my legs just like it was then so badly baby. Taking off with you again is a serious dream I want to come true.

Fantasizing all over again just how hot you look under me creates Sex Stories xxx that flow from my tongue. Looking down into your eyes while straddling you. Squeezing you with my firm thighs and leaning in to kiss the lips I love to lick. Falling curls that I sweep to the side while bouncing on that big thick dick on the wet sand near the water’s edge. Riding you hard like no one else is around. Gripping me as I would never belong to another and flipping me over on my back while I gasp with excitement.

Pounding ocean saltwater running up my body while I lay beneath your strong body. Watching you thrust deep, muscles flexing. Dripping beads of water falling off your naked body and onto my own in slow motion. The beach was ours and no one could stop us from having the climatic sex that others wish for. Inspiring Phone Sex for months to come, we were making the most out of every orgasm.

Being home now, away from our own heaven I am left with my visions of us tangled up in ropes of seaweed. Stoking the fires of our lust night after night wanting another weekend in paradise.


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