Public sex? Oh yes!

Public sex? My first time was last Halloween eve, I was on the highway when I heard a bump. One of my tires had blown out. I pulled b the side of the road and thought “Oh, good and I need to be dressed like this!” I’d decided to go as the sweet farm gal. I had my hair in two blond braids, laying on my red blouse dotted with black polka dots, tied up under my huge D sized boobs and buttoned just so enough cleavage was there to taunt the men at the party. I wore a pair of denim cut off shorts-very, very short, Daisy Dukes for all the boys to enjoy, and here I was stuck at the side of the freeway in my daisy duke boots, with a flat tire.

ASSistance Arrives

I could not find my roadside service card anywhere. As humiliating as it was, I put on my little straw Tom Sawyer hat and prepared to get out of the car to change the tire myself, when a dark For wheeler truck pulled up behind my Lexus. Now, I knew this could be good or very, very bad for me as dusk settled in. I hit the auto-lock on my car and lowered the tinted window.  In the rearview, I saw a Beautiful, tall, Italian, ripped like a blank man approaching my car. I admit it. My panties immediately were damp. “I see you’re having some trouble here,” he said in a deep husky voice.  Oh yeah, he was trouble all right; I could see the outline of his enormous cock through his blue jeans. This was about to become a mature sex story.

And The Seduction Begins

I looked at the stud sheepishly and said, “I’m on my way to a party…”

He nodded, fixated on my cleavage and said, “Love the costume. You stay here and relax and I’ll get you up and on the road in no time. Just pop the trunk, Beautiful.”

I called out to him “I can pay you!” But my mind screamed; Public Sex!

He came back to the window and said, “Let’s just call it my good deed for today.”

He had the tire changed within 20 minutes and came to the window and told me, “You’re all set.”

I stepped out of the car and whispered in his ear, “There must be a way for me to show you my appreciation.” I opened the door to the back seat and looked at him intently, lustfully, and waited for him to climb in.

He wiped the sweat off his forward and stepped forward. “I’m Tony.”

“You certainly are,” and we both climbed into the back seat.

To hear just how this roadside ASSistance story ends, allow me to tell you in person about this and my other public sexcapades, or we can make our own story. We can always do talk to me about phone sex, as well.