The local Renaissance Faire is in town and its tradition that I go. I know that there is always a chance I could get me some public sex here. So I dressed in my usual garb, a red tunic top that is left untied, a black leather underbust corset that just pushes my breast up nicely, and a black skirt with slits up both sides revealing my sexy legs. When I move a certain way you can catch a glimpse of my garters on my upper thighs. I could feel the stares as I walked past everyone.
As I was walking around I saw a leather shop that had some beautiful leather corsets. I walked in to get a better look at them when the shopkeep walked up. He was a tall man who was athletically built. He had blonde hair that fell into his brown eyes.
” May I help the fair lady find something?” He asked in a deep voice.
“I was just looking at this fine corset you have here,” I replied.
“Would the maiden like to try it on? We have changing rooms.” He said.
“I would love to but I will need help lacing it up.”
“I can help with that if you will let me.”
I accept his help and we go back to the changing room. Once in there he helps me by removing the corset I have on and I slide my tunic off. With everything off and out of the way he slowly hands me the other corset. I notice him staring at my perky breasts and give him a knowing smirk. I put the new one on and he helps tighten it up. I love the way the leather feels against my bare skin and my breathing quickens as he runs his hand along my spine.
He leans in and whispers in my ear “You are one fine lady that I would love to have a good time with.”
“How about we have that good time now?” I ask him as I turn around and pull him in for a kiss.

      The thrill of knowing we were about to have public sex was making my body tingle in all the right places.

He puts one hand behind my head holding me tight as we kiss and the other is sliding under my skirt and up my thigh to my pussy. He slid my panties to the side and runs his finger up and down my slit. Teasing me and making me arch into him. Begging him with my body for more. Oh, boy, did he deliver. He slid two fingers inside of me, fingering me hard and fast. I was so close to cumming and he knew it. He pulled his fingers from me, making me whimper from the emptiness. But that emptiness didn’t last long.
He took his nice 8-inch hard cock and slammed it into me. Muffling my screams with his lips as he pounded my pussy with his cock. He had me up against the wall, his hands digging into my hips and passionately kissing me as we fucked. It didn’t take long for me to cum. My pussy was squeezing and milking his cock so hard he couldn’t stop himself from cumming in public. Filling my pussy with so much cum I was dripping from it. He told me to keep the corset and walked back into the main room of his shop.
I gathered my things and walked out of that shop with the biggest grin. I knew everyone knew exactly what just happened and I didn’t care at all. That was the best public sex I have had in a long time. I would definitely say the Ren Faire was a huge success and I would definitely be cumming again! True sex stories are always so much fun for me to tell!