Public Sex so good, who cares if we get caught?

Public sex has always been a real turn on for me! It all started when I was finger fucked for the first time ever! Right on the front lawn of the high school 2 blocks from my house. My friend was less than 3 feet away in her own little world while my boyfriend and I went quickly from kissing, to hardcore making out (complete with him getting a handful of tit) to his hands down my jeans, into my panties and slipping inside my wet slit. I don’t know if my friend went momentarily deaf or if the sound of me cumming was the catalyst for a later session of truth or dare that got completely out of hand. (Ahh memories!)

Since then, given the choice between public sex and something more private, I will pick public every time! While I’ve had my share of fun in the back seat of a car, unless you are talking about when 3 of our friends were in the front seat getting high while I bounced on his dick in the back, that’s not public enough for me. Parking is small time, and baby I’m an addict.

I mean things like in the ocean, at a crowded beach around noon on a sunday in June.

My legs wrapped around his waist, my bikini bottom pushed to the side, the waves  pushing and pulling his cock into and out of my sweet pussy. And all around us happy families swam unaware that we were having a hot fuckfest not 5 feet away from them. I had met him about 5 minutes before he slipped inside me! That night we snuck into the amphitheater of the campground where I was staying. I’d wager a guess that the stage has never seen a performance like it did that night, me on my hands and knees, pounding back onto his cock while he held my hips and tried not to get bucked off.

Now, I know what sex on an airplane is called; joining the mile high club. So, what do you call sex on a greyhound bus? I don’t know what it’s called exactly but damn! Saw him when he got on the bus, so fucking hot! I got wet just staring at his short blonde hair, stocky build and cocky guy swagger. Knew at that moment by the time we reached my destination, I’d have him inside me. I struck up a conversation with him, flirted a little and then made my move.

I told him I was going to move to the back of the almost empty bus. And then I told him to meet me there.

When he rounded the set of seat in front of mine, I was stretched out in the very last row, skirt up to my hips, panties to the side and my fingers were already wet and slippery where they had been pumping my pussy, playing with my clit, just waiting for him. I moved over and he sat down and next thing I know we were half-reclining. He was behind me, curled around me like a spoon and I was cumming all over his pistoning cock. It was still 75 miles to my stop, We made use of every single mile.

Totally Free Phone Sex!