He was a sexy Italian with one of the hottest cars! He was the kind of guy that, when he walks into a room everyone notices. Tonight at the club was no different, and the second he stepped foot into the room, the two of us began a hot game of cat and mouse. I flirted with him from afar, batting my eyelashes, licking my lips and watching him as all of the girls were throwing themselves at him.  But he was focused as he made his was through the crowd to get to me. We chatted over drinks while, he flashed his massive muscles. I pretended to be unimpressed giving him some tease and denial which seem to ignite him with desire.

The night went on and we continued to flirt, drink and have a good time. When it was time to go home, he pulled up in his Aston Martin sports car and offered me a ride. He looked so delicious in it I figured I would give him a shot. He drove fast, the purr of the engine vibrated right to my pussy. I don’t know if it was him or the adrenaline running through my veins but I was getting hot and horny.  I needed to be fucked right away!

I reached over and began to feel on his thick thighs, he knew right where I was going. I stroked his thick dick through his jeans as we drove through twist and turns.  I began to suck him hard.  I could feel him grow in my mouth and just like that he stopped the car in the middle of the road.

We were both on fire all I could think about was fucking.  He lifted me to the hood of his car, both horny and ready for some public sex. He shoved my dress above my waist and pulled my panties to the side. All I could do is moan and cry out demanding him to fuck me like a wild animals and he did too! Holding my ankles to the sky and shoving his thick manhood into my tight wet twat. He fucked me hard and fast, I loved hearing his heavy balls slapping up against the car.

Now I have heard of some crazy adult phone chat fun, but this wild fuck was going to take the cake. He plowed in and out of my pussy until our backs were aching and we had soaked each other with our love juices. Just in time too. The two of were able to compose ourselves just as someone pulled up behind us and laid on their horn. I giggled as he flipped them the bird before joking that the driver needed to get laid. The two of us went back to his place for a night of naughty adventures.  Want more? Call me now for wild phonesex



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