Public Sex- Getting Ganged Banged on the F Train Part II

Public Sex. As the three black men enter the train, he panics gathers his belongings and abruptly exits the train. Leaving me behind! As I scramble to get my things together the doors close and the train starts to pick up speed.

My heart drops and I am filled with instant fear as I realize I am now naked and trapped with three strangers, who are witness to me having had public sex. I look up to find they have their eyes glued to my body, their erections straining through their pants. They are all handsome and athletically build, my pussy starts to throb at the thought of getting fucked by all of these men.  “What a pussy as nigga, having public sex then leavin’ you alone like dat” one of them says as he reaches for me. Expecting the worst I close my eyes and whisper “No Please”.

I feel warm strong arms gently but securely envelop me as I am lifted and carried away. He sits down with me on his lap and starts to kiss my shoulder and neck very gently. One of his friends kneels down in front of me grabs my face and begins licking my lips, teasing my mouth to open for a kiss.

The gentle caresses have caught me off guard and my pussy juice starts to flow rapidly as I feel another pair of hands gently tugging on my hair and massaging my scalp.

All three men are busy worshipping a different section of my body and it feels amazing. The guy that was kissing me gets up and unzips his cock from his pants. I lick my lips in anticipation and can’t wait to taste Big Black Cock.

To Be Continued…

Check out the Conclusion 12/11/2017.

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