Public Sex – My Boyfriend And I Fucked In The Crowd At The Show

My boyfriend and I are secretly total freaks for extreme public sex. Recently when we went to a concert, I don’t know if it was the drinks, or if somebody slipped something into mine. But I didn’t care who saw me do whatever I wanted to do. There was a huge crowd standing in the pit. Huge crowds of people would press up against us, smashing our bodies together against the gate. I knew I had to write about a blog for this so I can talk about it into more detail while having adult chat.

Of course the harder the crowds smashed our bodies together, the better I could feel his throbbing cock. And Being the freaks and he and I are, it didn’t take me long to move my hand in that direction. I just began stroking and riding my hand around his cock until I grabbed onto the zipper of his jeans. At that point, I knew we were going to get into some trouble.

Before long the band started playing some of their slower songs…

Everyone was wasted and partying around us. Their bodies pressing up against us, basically holding me up. Of course, my boyfriend took advantage of this circumstance. He grabbed my thighs in his hands and spread my pussy lips apart. I was just wearing a tight black skirt and no panties. Quickly his cock burst out from his zipper. He was so hard he slipped right into my wet pussy.

He started grinding on me so hard I felt like I could cum almost immediately. The circumstances also turned me on beyond my wildest fantasies. He just slammed his cock into me a few times to tease me of course. Slipped his cock back into his shorts and told me I had to be a good little bitch and wait until we got home. You won’t believe what he did to me next, ask me about this story during our next phone sex conversation and receive 5 minutes free with every 20 minute or more call.

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