Public Sex Addiction Stories of a College Girl’s Older Lover

Public sex addiction satisfaction with a twist of hot and sexy two girl fun.  I’ve always loved the feeling of public sex, especially on the beach.  However, my husband, Tom, doesn’t share my naughty fetish for beach lovers.  Fortunately, I have a hot lover who also happens to be my best friend.  Tammy is as into pussy as I am.

This past labor day was forecast to be a gorgeous beach day, so I found myself calling Tammy. We love going to the beach in the morning to plan a hot sex end of summer day together.  She had to work to my great disappointment, but she told me that her daughter was home.  She was sure she would love to spend her last day home enjoying the sun and surf.  Tammy said she was sorry that I’d have to skip the sexy part of the day. But at least I’d have company for the day.  I quickly agreed to pick Elle up within the hour.

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Driving with Elle in the passenger seat of my convertible, I couldn’t help noticing her pretty legs.   My hand brushed against them every time I shifted gears.   It suddenly occurred that some sexy fun in the sun might not be a wash after all.   Elle was even hotter than her mom.  She had perky full tits and a pussy that still looked somewhat like a little girl. And she was clearly all woman.

Elle was telling me about her awesome summer and what her plans were for the coming semester. I lightly moved my hand from the hard stick to Elle’s upper thigh and lightly touched her.  “Your legs are so muscular.”  As I touched her, I could hear her breath catch. And I could see her thighs tense. Then she very gently moved her legs apart slightly.

I kept my eyes on the road as I slid my hand underneath her bikini.  My eager fingers found her hot little girl pussy already wet.  As I plunged my fingers deeper, her hips started to move with obvious pleasure.  Her moans filled the car as I finger fucked her. Her hot cunt filled with an exploding orgasm just as we pulled into the beach parking lot.  I took my time pulling my soaked fingers out of her.  Turning towards her, I sucked her juices from my fingers as she watched.  Her breath was loud in the now stopped car.

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Turning to look at her fully, I could see how excited she still was. And then I pushed my fingers deep into her hot and wet pussy again as I leaned forward and kissed her deeply.  Her big brown eyes widened with surprise. I brought my dripping wet fingers up to her mouth.  Slowly covering her sweet mouth with juicy cum. I smiled as I licked her luscious lips clean.  I could only imagine how good her tight little pussy would taste…

We set up our blanket a few feet away from the crowd so we could have some privacy.  Thankfully we were at the nude beach. So I was able to see the full hotness of Elle’s sweet young body.   Elle nodded her head and smiled widely as I asked her if I could rub sunscreen on her.  As she laid on her tummy, I straddled her thighs.  And then I  started rubbing the sunscreen with long strokes up and down her back.  Then I moved my hand down to her sweet ass.  Then I  massaged her as her hips started to move in a circular motion.

The Beach Gets HOTTER with Public Sex Addiction

My public sex addiction was so powerful.  Of course, I still looked around to make sure we weren’t being watched too closely.  I slipped my right hand between those sweet cheeks and slid underneath to rub her already swollen clit and pussy.  As she screamed into her towel with pleasure, I slid my hips up and started pussy fucking her from behind.   Just as she turned around and spread her muscular thighs to allow me full access, I looked up.  Tammy was standing at Elle’s head.  She stood there with a shocked and dare I say it?  Tammy’s face was flushed and aroused. A smile began to spread across her face.  Tammy was watching me fuck her sweet daughter…

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