Does seduction still work? Of course it does

I’m a seduction brat and mischievous little bitch. I love a good seduction tease..specially when I get the chance to drive someone crazy, little by little, all day long.. until they just can’t take it anymore. At this point, it’s almost an addiction. I’ve flirted with almost every guy I’ve known..and have very humorous stories of getting them to pop a boner in very awkward places. The most recent one took place at Starbucks, and it was just another normal outing with a fuckbuddy who I’d been seeing for a while. He knows I’m a troublemaker. 🙂

But he always falls for it. Every little time I try to mess with his head.. It starts off with a little text, or a dirty picture, sometimes even while he’s driving in the car with me. I know he loves to look at his phone at red-lights and I wanted to see how much of his attention I could steal.. Step 1 complete – get him to obsessively keep glancing at his phone because he wanted to keep seeing the picture. The dirty little picture, just slightly revealing, with me leaning up against the wall in a loose, see-through top.. Just teasing enough to make him wonder what was underneath. But the seduction was just starting.. As soon as we got inside Starbucks, I made sure to brush up against him, every chance I got. And when we were all seated..the games were on.

We were waiting for a few friends to meet us there. But meanwhile, it was just me and him.. With me in a tight little black tank top, a little v-cut that showed off some more cleavage.. and some dark daisy dukes. I was starting to lean back just a bit, checking my phone.

I’d angled my seat just perfectly so he could get an extra view of my thighs when I crossed my legs, forcing my shorts to ride up a little and give him just a peek of my ass.. and you should have seen the look on his face when I picked up my drink, candidly looking away, licking my lips, and wrapping them tight around the straw. The game was over as soon as I let out a quiet, soft little moan – which, of course meant the drink was very good. It couldn’t mean anything else, right? 😉

One sultry little ‘fuck me’ look later,  and he was all mine – and seriously concerned about hiding his hard-on in a busy Starbucks.

Come play with me.

Dirty Sexting