Play Time For Baby Girl! Daddy loves to play with my Vibrating panties

One of my new favorite toys is a fun vibrating egg! I love to wear it and make my little pussy quiver! Especially when I am having hot phone sex! It makes me so wet just like the naughty brat Baby Girl and her Daddy dom in this story!

Baby Girl and her Vibrating Panties.


When Baby Girl woke up she found a note on her pillow and a box wrapped up in pretty pink paper with a purple bow. “Baby G, Wear these all day love Daddy”  Baby Girl carefully unwrapped the box to find a box with vibrating panties inside it. They were pretty hot pink with lace and a vibrating egg in the crouch.

The panties fit Baby Girl like a glove, and she loved them so much she took a few photos to send to Daddy at work. Within a minute her phone dinged. “BG…They look perfect. I can’t wait to turn them on here soon with the app”  App? She thought.  Baby Girl was puzzled until a small vibration against her clit and she jumped in surprise.  **Ding** another text came through. ” No matter what those panties stay on- D”

The baby girl squirmed a little feeling it gets stronger and starts to pulse. Her legs began to shake and then suddenly the vibrations stopped. Baby Girl was panting annoyed that she couldn’t cum.  She knew this was daddy’s game to drive her absolutely insane till her little pussy was a needy mess.

Later in the day, Baby Girl’s Phone buzzed again…

The baby girl glanced at the message ” Get ready for round two… this requires you to get dressed and go to the store and pick up what I left on the list.”   Baby Girl knew that the list would be left on the fridge. As she began to walk toward the kitchen suddenly *Bzzzz*

Her little pussy reacted strongly to it. She whimpered and walked slower to the kitchen the panties buzzing.  Grabbing the list she walked up to the room and put on the outfit daddy set out for her.

Baby Girl put on the pretty dress that daddy left for her and then left the house the onslaught of vibrations stopped. Leaving her breathless, she drove to the store. Shopping went well until Daddy had decided to crank up the vibrations. She dropped to her knees in aisle. BG tried to make it look casual and bite her lip to muffle her moaning.

After shopping, she sat in the car as Daddy was relentless


Daddy had cranked her panties to the max. She squirmed as her phone buzzed once again. “You may cum now BG- D”  She let out loud moan as her little pussy squirted and ran down her thighs. Those damn panties kept vibrating for a good 3 mins after making her breath hit.  When the panties stopped she drove her self home.

“Take photos for Daddy but don’t clean off. I want you just in the panties when I get home-D” Baby girl did as she was told and was feeling quite sleepy from her rocking orgasm.  She posed for daddy and sent him the photos. Then diffed off to sleep.

Baby girl woke with a start as her panties…

Shook her away she woke up dripping with daddy standing over her. “Baby girl do like your new toy?” His voice boomed. She whimpered out ” Yes Daddy” He smiled and cranked it up more. Her body jerked and twitch as she suddenly came.

Daddy smiled as she lay on the couch. He was stiff and pulled out his mighty cock. His Princess quickly filliped over and began to worship his cock. Her lips wrapped around and she rolled her pink wet tongue. Daddy gripped her hair and began to face fuck his pretty girl.

Daddy Yanked her head back and flipped her over. He pulled her panties to the side and sunk in his big daddy cock. Giving her a flurry of kisses he whispered in her ear. ” Baby I am gonna fill you up so good.” She smiled ” Please daddy give me your cum”  His hips crashed against her as he throbbed and grunted. With one final stroke, Daddy filled her up deep.


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