I had no idea I was about to have public lesbian sex.

This girl was making me drip on the dance floor as I wrapped my strong fingers around her gorgeous, exposed neck and damn, what the fuck else could I do but start some hot, nasty, sweaty public lesbian sex?? “I couldn’t help it,” as men often say. But she wanted it. She wanted it really, really bad. Her absolutely AMAZING smelling cunt filled my nostrils even before my first finger moved towards the zipper of her patch-adorned, well worn-in jeans. I couldn’t wait to feel how soft she was inside with all of my fingers, my whole fist. e her.

She wanted me to choke her more. I could feel it. I kept one hand clenched around her sexy Adam’s apple and the fingers of my other hand busy undoing her belt, her zipper. Our lips were close, almost touching, but not kissing. Sharing breath(s) as my hand grazed inside her jeans was so fucking hot. Damn. I knew she was wet, but now my fingers were feeling it through her (sexy, butch-type goth girl) boxer briefs. Mmmm. I couldn’t wait to wear those in the morning after we’d fucked all night.

Her pussy was so wet I didn’t even have to reach inside her underwear to get a five-fingered, delicious cum saturated taste of her.

I was starting to get really, really fucking excited. Usually, a kiss or two turns me (and my DIVINE pussy) into a puddle. This crazy goth bitch wasn’t kissing me yet, just breathing less than an inch away from my mouth with those thick, full, soft and sexy fucking lips, looking me dead in the eye and sliding her hand into her jeans, too. I felt her calloused, long pianist’s fingers pushing mine down further. There was NO fucking way I was going to POSSIBLY be able to not fuck her with my hand at this point/ASAP.

I licked my fingers on my left hand, my “warm-up” hand/fingers I’d just used to sample/taste her absolutely fucking delectable unshaved cunt. Her pussy juice was so creamy and sweet it made my mouth water. And god fucking damn it, I was thirsty. All I could think about was wanting, needing her to keep feeding me her hot, steaming cunt. And being inside her. I wanted to be deep inside her.

Without breaking her deranged, horny, almost evil gaze I moved our mouths close enough for our lips to touch. But only just barely, just enough to make us both even hungrier.

She was hungry. But I was starving. I needed the public lesbian sex we were about to have.

My lust for her luscious, tender cunt was out of control. I felt like I was possessed, my desire so frenzied and her sweet pussy so poised to engulf my whole hand I couldn’t control my urge to fuck. Public lesbian sex wasn’t the worst outcome of my night. I needed my entire hand inside her

She returned my intense, possesed stare enthusiasm as I sucked on my cum-drenched finger (her cum) without even blinking. Without a doubt, I was getting that wild, sex-crazed NEEDING to fuck look in my eyes, too. Her eyes were crazy, filled with quasi-primal, cunt-starved lust. I could not WAIT to fuck this wild goth girl all night, let alone for her and her sexy, thin but powerful fingers to make my eyes water. Still, without kissing, I moved my lips close enough to hers for them to just barely touch as I finally, slowly slid my finger inside her tight underwear. She let out only the slightest, softest moan as my finger pushed into, circled around her hard, wet clit.

My fingers gliding across that swollen, juicy clit and those thick, puffy pussy lips were driving me wild. My cunt dripped the more I felt her heavenly, ready to squirt cunt trickle all over my hand. How could my pussy not drip as I felt how increasingly (and BEYOND insanely) soaked her engorged, soft, and oh-so fucking inviting cunt lips were?

I’ve felt a woman squirt on my hand before, but never in public, and never in the middle of a crowded, smoky, MDMA and fog-machine-fueled dance floor.


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