Public intoxication, a little drunk and disorderly Roxy has some fun.

Always the naughty party girl, I got busted for public intoxication.  Drunk and a little disorderly, I had an uptight snob called the cops on me. I can’t help that being the center of attention turns the naughty housewife on.  Guess dancing on the table and lifting up your dress so show off your ass is inappropriate in some establishments. But in the end, it was all good. The liquid diet ingested at the jail was quite pleasing.

Getting fingerprinted and photographed was quite an experience. The perverted jailer, of course, wanted to do a full cavity body search. And since being busted for public intoxication, I didn’t have much choice. But this girl isn’t shy! And since the jailer obviously wanted to jerk his meat while I stripped, a show he got. Of course, it was a little creepy being the only person in the jail alone with the jailer.

Jiggling the firm tan breasts and bending over; slowly exposing my pussy to the jailer made a big smile burst across his face. Immediately unbuckling his belt, he stroked his flaccid cock.  ‘Need a hand with that?’, I said as I swayed my hips back and forth walking toward him.  I wrapped his semi hard cock in my hand because Roxy had a plan.

He knew it was the first time I’d been busted. The jailers intent was to intimidate me. But he met his match with the naughty housewife.  Leaning back in his chair licking his lips he told me to get busy. Turning his cock into my personal lollipop I stroked and sucked until I could tell he was about to pop his top.  I stopped and stood up. Sticking my hand between my legs and pretended to masturbate.

Kinky Discussion

Knowing I had the upper hand I threw out my bargaining chip. A quickie with the jailer for a get out of jail free card for Roxy. Sticking my dripping fingers into his mouth, allowing the jailer to have a taste of what he could have. He moaned and then salivated. Quickly taking off his clothes and patting his lap, I knew he wanted me to play the kinky cowgirl and ride his sausage stallion.

Squeezing my ass and pumping me up and down on his cock, it didn’t take long for him to bust a nut. But the devil side of Roxy wasn’t quite done with the jailer yet. I motioned for him to follow me to his desk covered in paperwork.  Climbing up on the desk and spreading my legs, I pointed to the cum dripping pussy below the landing strip. ‘Clean up time’, I whispered and smiled. Shaking his head no I raised my eyebrows. I leaned back and grabbed the video camera I secretly had turned on while he was busy locking the door.

I’d just hate for this to go public I said, as I turned the video on. His mouthed dropped open as he watched. This naughty housewife had caught every bit! I pointed to my pussy again. ‘Don’t make me tell you twice!’.  He bowed his head and dropped to his knees. I turned the camera on again.  How could I not video this! The jailer turned into my cum eating bitch! This will be an arrest he will never forget! And you thought I ingested the cum! Not this time! >Grin<

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