Pleasing My Master

My Master is very adventurous and creative when it comes to humiliating me. He loves to parade me around and let everyone know what a dirty slut I can be. Truth be told, I love it! He pushes me out of my comfort zone to provide me with the craziest highs and the most intense orgasms. The first time my Master made me go out in public with cum on my face, I thought that I would die from embarrassment. Over time, I learned to embrace my cum face and soak in the laughter to achieve my amazing public humiliation orgasm!

Public Sex Fanatic

I love public sex with my Master. Getting it on in his truck makes me soaking wet! I love it when we park in a lot with a few cars around and start having crazy hot car sex. The thought of being caught is a huge turn on for both of us. For my Master, he wants to be caught by another horny man so that he can show off his kinky slut. My role as his submissive cum slut is to satisfy him and all of his fantasies that come with it! If that means I will be putting on a show for a naughty stranger, consider it done! I will put my nice round ass up against the window and suck Masters cock until I get that big hot load. Because I am a good slut!

Sloppy Blowjobs and Cum Facials

One night, my Master took me to the store for another public humiliation orgasm. He wanted me to go inside and get him a pack of cigarettes with cum all over my face. I was all for it! As we parked in the lot, I quickly took off my seat belt and leaned over. My Master’s cock was nice and hard, as usual. He had a handful of my hair and guided my sloppy wet blowjob. Master told me every time someone walked past the truck that they could see what a hungry slut I am. This made me choke him back further into my throat to prove the strangers right! When his balls tightened, he pulled my head back and shot his load all over my face. The perfect cum facial for a naughty little slut.

Remote Controlled Humiliation Device

I looked at myself in the mirror, grabbed my purse, and was just about to get out of the truck. That’s when my Master pulled out his extra special gift to make my public humiliation orgasm 10 times more exciting! He handed me a remote control vibrator and had me put it in. We tested it out in the truck together and it was incredible! The last thing my Master wanted to do was complete my outfit before sending me inside. He ripped the bottom of my shirt until there was just enough fabric left to cover my nipples. I was left with a ripped up shirt, a short skirt, a vibrator inside of me, and cum dripping down my face. Then, my Master opened up the door and sent me inside.

If it looks like a slut, dresses like a slut, and has a cumslut facial, then it is probably a slut!

As I was walking through the parking lot, my phone rang. My master wanted to hear every move I made to get the full experience. When I walked inside, I told him about the looks I was getting. I was so embarrassed to look as messy as I do. Women were side-eyeing me and shielding their husband’s eyes. I thought that I was just heading to the counter for his smokes, but my Master led me around to show off his little slut. My first stop was the condom section.

There is a boy my age who looks a bit embarrassed to be buying rubbers. I have him beat with all of this cum on my face. My embarrassment is MUCH greater! When my Master heard that there was a boy near me, he turned my vibrator on. He made me start squirming and moaning in the isle. The boy was amused and had obviously never seen a slut like me before. He watched and laughed as I bent over to try to contain my loud moans and pleas. My Master was laughing at me as well. Then, he turned off the vibrator and let me regain myself. He loves to edge me. I quickly grabbed a pack of condoms and got the hell out of that aisle.

Are you thirsty?

Then, my Master led me over towards the fridge. He asked me if anyone was around, which there was. A man and his wife were about 20 feet away, trying to avoid eye contact with me. My master commanded me to take a gallon of milk and pour it on my tits. That caught their attention! Then, my Master told me to ask the man if he was thirsty. As the words came out, my vibrator turned on again, and I was back to moaning in the middle of the store.

My Public Humiliation Orgasm

I begged my Master to let me leave the store. My public humiliation orgasm wasn’t worth it to me anymore. His mind read differently into my pleas and he sent me up to the counter to check out. As I stood there, covered in milk and cum, I asked the man at the counter for a pack of cigarettes. My master turned on the vibrator on full blast and started to laugh loudly over the phone. I was twitching and shaking at the counter. As I was struggling to hold back my moans and tears, the cashier began to smile. Then, I screamed out as I had the most intense public humiliation orgasm of my entire life! I squirted so hard that I left a puddle on the floor.

After I had finished cumming, I paid the man and left with the smokes and a smile. Was it worth it? I think so!

Not everyone is as flamboyantly slutty as me. I’ll wear your cum facial like a fashion accessory as you parade me around. I love getting off in public! Force my public humiliation orgasm today during our hot phone sex call!