I have a huge crush on my hot neighbor. He moved into my building about a month ago and I can’t stop thinking about how much I want to invite him into my bedroom.

Late at night, I lay in bed and think about what he must be doing in the apartment next to me. He’s handsome, young and obviously successful. When he leaves the house most of the time he’s dressed in scrubs or a white lab coat so I know that he is a doctor. I know his schedule very well. I also took the liberty of checking his mail one afternoon while he was out. From what I saw, I was able to figure out that he works at the local hospital.

When I opened the pieces of mail and saw what department my hot neighbor works in I knew that it was destiny calling me. I knew that I would have to set up an appointment in his office for a “check-up”. Before I made the appointment I did some snooping around in his apartment first. I know his schedule very well. When he left his apartment at 6 am I simply jimmied the lock to his door and let myself in.

I was impressed with how neat his place was. Pictures of him smiling with various women draped his wall. Could they be his relatives? Old girlfriends? As I made my way to the kitchen I looked in all of his cabinets. I figured it would be good to know what types of foods he likes so when we start dating I will know what to cook for him. Just being in his apartment made me horny.

While walking to his bedroom I began taking off my clothes. I sat on his bed and looked through his side drawer. There was a bottle of lube waiting for me to pick it up. Sitting on his bed, I envisioned me taking his cock into my mouth and sipping on his pre-cum as he fondled my tits. I could smell him in that room. My pussy began to cream on his sheets. I laid down on my back and spread my legs really wide. Using my fingers to play with my clit, I stared at his smiling face in the picture on the night stand.

My pussy was dripping wet as I inserted two fingers inside of my hole. I moaned and called his name, “Robert, Robert, Robert”. The sound of my wet pussy being fingered filled the room. I arched my back and pointed my toes. Rubbing his sheets in between my legs felt so fucking good. I grabbed one of his pillows and began riding it. I imagined that it was his dick that I was riding so wildly. I pumped my pussy harder and harder on that pillow. Pussy juice was all over the bed.

I came so hard that I shook the bed as I squirted from clit. It was so intense that I took a nap right their in his bed. I knew Robert wouldn’t mind. He was the love of my life, he just didn’t know it yet. After making myself some lunch and tidying up a bit, I left his place and went straight to mine. I couldn’t get to the phone fast enough. I’d already memorized his office number. When the receptionist picked up I wasted no time: “Hi. I would like to make an appointment with Dr. Stone. I have some symptoms that I think he will be interested in.”

To be continued…

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