Find The Right Man For My Craving Was So Easy


You all know I’m a dirty blonde slut. Lately I’ve been craving a hot and heave prostrate milking session. But no candidates on sight. My roster was full of macho men who didn’t like their ass played with. I wanted to change that so I joined a very popular fetish site. In it, I could browse and find the perfect match for my craving. And that’s when I clicked on Ethan’s profile.

Ethan was in his early 20s. He was a college student with a hot lean body. Ethan also craved a prostrate milking session so we decided to link up. I quickly I asked him to join me at my place for some late night fun. When he arrived he made himself comfortable. Ethan was even hotter in person. He was tall, blonde and toned. At one point, I offered him a drink. He accepted, and we sat on the couch, I was ready for Ethan, was he ready for me? I moved closer to him, our legs touching, and I could feel the heat radiating off his body. I looked into his eyes, and without a word, I leaned in and kissed him.

We Both Wanted The Same Thing

His lips were soft, and he kissed me back with a passion that matched mine. Our hands started exploring each other’s bodies, and I could feel his hardness pressing against me. I reached down and rubbed him over his pants, feeling his cock twitch in my hand. Once I broke the kiss and looked at him, a smirk playing on my lips. “I have something I want to try,” I said, standing up and leading him to my bedroom. In my room, I opened my bedside drawer and took out a buttplug. Ethan’s eyes widened, but he didn’t say anything. I moved towards him, pressing my body against his. “This is exactly what you were hoping for, isn’t it?” I whispered, kissing him again.

Prostrate Milking Session Begins With A Buttplug

I pushed him onto the bed and straddled him, grinding against his cock. I could feel him getting harder, and I moaned softly. Then I reached behind me and started rubbing his ass, feeling him tense up. I spit on my fingers and started rubbing his hole, making it wet and ready. Ethan let out a soft moan as I inserted a finger, slowly moving it in and out. I added another finger, stretching him out. I could feel his muscles relaxing, and I knew he was ready. And I grabbed the buttplug and lubed it up. I pressed it against his hole, and with a soft pop, it slipped in. Ethan gasped, his eyes wide. I started moving it in and out, slowly at first, then faster.

I could see the pleasure building up in his eyes, and I leaned down and kissed him. Then I reached down and started stroking his cock, feeling it twitch in my hand. I could feel his prostate through the buttplug, and I started massaging it, making Ethan moan louder. “Oh fuck, yes,” Ethan moaned, his hands gripping the sheets. I could feel his cock getting harder, and I knew he was close. I kept massaging his prostate, feeling his cock pulse in my hand. With a loud moan, Ethan came, his cum shooting out and landing on his stomach. I slowed down my movements, letting him ride out his orgasm. After, I licked his load off of his abs and kissed him. Ethan was hooked on me after that.

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