Prostate Stimulation – A Lesson for Mr. Vanilla

Stan was SO repressed it was ridiculous. He thought ANYTHING that had to do with putting something in his own asshole was “gay”. That always made me laugh. There’s no other GUY there. How is fucking your OWN ass gay? Anyway, I digress. I decided that it was time to turn on my persuasive charm and talk him into a little prostate stimulation experimentation!

He protested. A LOT. I teased him for being so prudish for someone so young. I taunted him and called him a chicken. Then I explained for the 53rd time that getting yourself off is not “gay” no matter what you play with while you do it. Finally, suspecting that his repression was SO strong because he was really secretly curious about putting something in his ass? I ordered him a top of the line prostate stimulator and had it sent to his house.

For days I was positively gleeful about my secret purchase. I couldn’t wait for Stan’s reaction when his unexpected package arrived in it’s non-descript brown packaging. It took 3 days to get there. For those 3 days I hammered Stan incessantly with information about prostate stimulation. It even has health benefits that have nothing to do with sexual enjoyment! He wasn’t trying to hear it. He steadfastly maintained that he would never. EVER. Stick anything in his ass, because he is not “gay”.

His refusal lasted until about the time that package arrived at his house. We were texting at the time, and he mentioned he just had to sign for a package. I laughed and told him to be careful, it might be a bomb or something! 😉 He was quiet for at least the next 20 minutes. Then I got a 1 sentence text: “Did YOU do this?” I squealed delightedly and hopped up and down, knowing that he didn’t spend the 20 minutes he was quiet just sitting there. He opened it. He looked at it. He’s curious about it. Yay! I know once I piqued his interest, he wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about it.

I texted him a quick “yes”, and told him that the next phone sex call he would have with me would be while trying out some prostate stimulation. He’s quite addicted to cumming with me, so I knew he wouldn’t be able to tell me no. Besides, he didn’t REALLY want to say no anyway! He had done research all week about how prostate stimulation intensifies your orgasm. I pointed out that I even bought him one that came with a little sample tube of Anal Eaze. That did it. He agreed to try it!

We got on the phone together. I listened patiently while he read each and every instruction that it came with, and finally ran out of excuses to stall. Time to nut up or shut up, Stan! 🙂 He decided to be on his back, and I squelched the impulse to scream, “Oh, so you want to get fucked missionary like a GIRL huh? That’s GAY!” and instead encouraged him to slather his new toy in lube. And slowly inch it into his eagerly waiting asshole. I smiled to myself, because he had to stifle a few gasps and moans just from having it inside of him.

Did Stan fall in LOVE with prostate stimulation after his first orgasm with his new toy? HELL YES he did, thanks to me! Now he loves me even more than he did before. Does the idea of prostate stimulation make your cock jump? Are you ready to let me help you pop that anal cherry? If so, call me up and I’ll guide you through it! Or anything else you’d like to try!

Your orgasm SEXpert,

Fetish Phone Sex!