I was determined to play with his prostate.

My boyfriend’s prostate was not anything I ever thought I’d get to play with but I was fucking determined! He had always been the straight, vanilla kind of guy so when I even brought up playing with his ass he freaked out on me. I had a plan though, a pretty good one at that.

We have always said that if we wanted to fuck and the other was asleep that we could wake each other up. Well, he passed out after drinking a little so I knew he was pretty out of it. It wasn’t going to take the normal dick in the mouth tactics to wake him up. My couple glasses of wine had me feeling pretty good myself and horny as fuck!! After watching a little porn I decided tonight was the night. My boyfriend’s ass was mine!!

He was so deep asleep that even my bad ass blowjob barely made him move. With my finger well oiled up and my spit dripping from his balls down the crack of his ass I knew I had all of the lubrication that I needed for his virgin ass. I worked my finger around the rim of his tight ass and heard him moan a little! WOW!! Not what I expected. Maybe I was going to get his prostate milked tonight after all!

The noise he made turned me on even more and just emboldened me. One hand was wrapped around his cock stroking him in time with my mouth while the other one was slowly working in and out of his puckered hole. I had my finger buried halfway in his ass as I continued to expertly suck his rock-hard cock. I wasn’t surprised that he would like it. So I knew how much guys came harder when I had milked their prostate. That wasn’t the issue. The issue was to get him to let me do it in the first place.

My finger went deeper and deeper as I twisted it around with each thrust. His moans were getting louder. I looked up thinking he was going to freak out on me if he woke up too soon. Not a chance. Just as my finger slid in the rest of the way and curved toward his balls from inside I felt it, that soft spot where his prostate was just waiting for me to reach it.

As soon as my finger pressed into it his eyes shot open. It wasn’t in a bad way either. It was more of a “Holy fucking shit! What did you just do to me? Don’t stop!” kind of way. I paused with my mouth hovering right over the tip of his cock, gave him a smile that said a mix of “I told you so” and “I’m feeling naughty as fuck” and went right back to deep throating his cock with my finger pulsing on his prostate.

It didn’t take him long after that. The way my finger worked his prostate and my mouth gripped his cock he didn’t stand a chance! His hard dick started shooting in my mouth like never before! He had his hands gripping the headboard of our bed so hard I actually heard a little crack. That was nothing compared to the animalistic grunt that grew into the loudest orgasmic scream he has ever made! I took every drop of his cum into my mouth, stroking one last time to make sure I had it all.

I slowly decreased the pressure of my finger on his prostate and eased my finger from his ass. My hand released his cock at the same time the last of my finger slid from his ass. He knew it was his turn to please me, but damn, even I had to rest after that! I told him he should let me try new things more often and I was kind of sad that I had to sneak attack his prostate. LOL He gave a little laugh at that and said, “We’ll see”.

Honestly, my next sneak attack is going to be a mouth full of his own cum in his mouth! I told you; sometimes he needs a little “push”. Don’t worry; I’ll make sure I tell you all about it!! I love sharing my dirty stories. Do you? Give me a call and tell me some of your hot moments!! Has your girlfriend ever tricked you into trying something you weren’t so sure about?


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