Professor’s Proposal

Professor’s Proposal: “Stay late if you need some extra help, Raquel.”

 My professor grabbed my wrist in a semi aggressive and unusual manner as my class ended late one night. I sat back down in my seat and when everyone had exited he closed the door and spoke in a tone I had never heard before.
“You know Raquel, you’ve been having some trouble with this class and your grade is suffering because of it.”
He was right. I was overwhelmed, over worked, and struggling greatly to understand this intense chemistry class. I had hired a tutor but he was lame and all he ever wanted to do was desperately try to fuck me instead.
“You know Raquel,” he continued. Walking close to me, grabbing my hand and holding it inappropriately for a teacher.
“I could help you. Maybe even get you some extra credit if you will.”
I thought about it, “That’d be great.” I said semi enthusiastically. “What do I have to do?”
He smiled as he releases his grip, closed the lecture hall door and continued.
“You’re a pretty girl Raquel, smart too, why do you think you’re failing?” he asked.

I thought for a moment but before I could draw any conclusions he broke my thoughts with:

“God, you’re so fucking stupid. I want to fuck you. If you fuck me, I will increase your grade and you will pass. I know you need this class to graduate and if you fail you’re fucked. We are down to the wire here girly, graduation is only weeks away. I know without a high grade from my class you won’t be going anywhere so what is it going to be?”

Clearly, I had no choice. If my parents even thought for a second I would not be graduating after paying an arm and a leg for my education they’d be heart broken. I could not stand to let them down.

I began undressing.

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