Professor’s Proposal 2

Professor’s Proposal 2: “That’s my girl.” he said as I stripped off my t-shirt.

“Bra too Bitch,” he growled as I did what I was told to do. My nipples grew hard as the cool air conditioned air hit them. He watched me intently as  I stripped completely naked in the middle of my chemistry class. Once finished, he ordered me to bend over his wooden desk. I did and closed my eyes, praying the hot, new, young professor would hurry so I could pass.

Suddenly, a loud crack erupted followed by an intense burning sensation across my bare ass.
“You’re a naughty little school girl aren’t you Raquel?” my professor taunted as he smacked the meter stick used on my ass three inches from my face.
I nodded in an agreement.
He spanked me again, HARDER, then HARDER two more times. When I was nice and red he spread my legs, then my pussy. Opening me up with his meter stick he then inserted a gloved finger.
He removed himself from inside me, stuck it in his mouth and moaned.
“You know Raquel, I’ve always had this one experiment I’ve always wanted to try, you know what that is?” he teased, licking his finger some more.
“No.” I stuttered.
An evil smile broke out across his face.
“Pushing a student behind her limits,” he replied. As he pulled out a vibrator, a massive dildo, and a beaker from his desk drawer. The vibrator was immediately turned on and placed on my clit, the beaker was placed beneath me to catch my juices, and the massive dildo was teasing my outer pussy lips.

“You like that?” he asked, touching and rubbing the dildo up against me while his other gloved hand slid a finger inside my tight little asshole.

The vibrator was going wild while the dildo’s head began to stretch my virginal pussy walls and force its way inside me. Deeper and deeper I felt the massive dildo investigate me as my pussy clenched tightly around it. Before I knew it I was cumming uncontrollably. One after another my body continued to wildly convulse as juices continued to flow from inside me down into the beaker. My professor laughed and giggled watching me endure pleasure and pain further than any boundary I had ever flirted with.
Seconds later I filled the beaker, squirting droplets upon droplets overflowing his beaker until I passed out and passed the class.

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