Princess Leia And Her Slutty New Hope

A lot of people know the story of Star Wars, it is one of the greatest stories of all time. Who wouldn’t love a story about good trumping all over an evil empire which sought to destroy the balance of the force. There are so many epic scenes with light saber fights, Han Solo, love and family. But there is an untold story that many people have not heard of before, a part of the story that really brings life to one of my favorite characters in the story. Princess Leia. What many people do not realize, is that Princess Leia had many adventures of her own.. her own ways of defeating the enemy, while enjoying herself immensely. This is a series of stories of our favorite Princess Leia, and all the Slutty things she did that weren’t told in the movies. Fuck ‘family films’  and Incest Phone Sex. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather see all the slutty parts.. so here it is.. Hold on to your cocks, it’s going to be a fucking dirty ride.

A long, long time a galaxy far, far away..’

We begin our story on board the Tantive IV, and for all of my sexy little Star Wars nerds out there.. I’m sure you know exactly what happens during this scene. But for all of you, who may not know the story as well..I’ll give your sexy ass’s a brief synopsis.

Princess Leia has been working as a spy for the Rebel Alliance (they are hoping to restore the balance.) Darth Vader has found our dear sweet Leia’s ship, which holds the technical plans for the Death Star. This is bad for him, because with these plans it could potentially lead to the destruction of their precious Death Star, and their weapon. Vader ( as I will be calling him for short) has sent his team of stormtrooper’s on board the Tantive IV to begin eliminating the enemy. Shots have been fired and that’s when Vader enters the ship. He questions one of the crew members and then kills him after not receiving the information needed. So, he sends his team of stormtroopers to find the senator on board.

Enter Princess Leia, she has just sent her sex robots R2D2 and C3Po off the ship with a special message for Obi Wan..and with the plans for the Death Star. As the stormtroopers approach her after finding her, she shoots one in the chest and kills him. Our girl Leia is a strong headed fighter, and will do anything to save her planet…unfortunately after killing the stormtrooper she is surrounded and captured. But the untold part is what happened before they took her to good ole Vader.

Leia is surrounded by stormtroopers at this point, and she knows that she must do something to distract them. Holding her hands in the air she says;

‘Now boys, you don’t want to do this. If you are to kill me, then how will you ever get to fuck me? I mean look at me, do you really want to waste such a perfect ass as this one?’ 

Leia pulled her dress up to reveal her round ass, perfectly firm from all the running she had been doing quite recently. She watched as the stormtroopers looked from one to the other and nodded their heads. You see, Leia only thought that they wanted to kill her.. Little did she know that their plan the whole time was to keep her alive to receive information from her. But, they were obviously going to enjoy taking full advantage of the situation.

The leader of the pack came closer to Leia and pushed her down to her knees. He watched her from inside his helmet as he unbuckled his pants and brought out his big cock. He loved watching her surprised expression as he stuck his cock deep inside her throat, and he loved it even more watching her as she began sucking and drinking all his juices up. He looked over at the next stormtrooper and nodded his head so that the next one could also stick his cock in her mouth. This went on until Leia had sucked each of their cocks, and had their juices running down her face and onto her white dress.

Leia did some more dirty and kinky things as these naughty stormtroopers took full advantage of her body with a fucking amazing gangbang session. What did she do? Well I guess your going to have to call one of our Phone Sex Girls to find out.. But let me tell you this.. after doing her dirty deeds to keep her from getting killed, those stormtroopers took her to Vader and brought her on board the Death Star..But THAT is a story for part 2 of our little series.

Like I said.. you need to hold on to your cocks for this series.. cause it’s only going to get dirtier from here 😉