Late last night I attended an event that I totally absolutely loved!! The annual slave auction! A limited number of people are invited to this night of Craziness and Insanity. You must be a super amazing person of high standing and honor in our very closed quiet community.

You see last year at the annual auction I actually acquired one of my favorite slaves!! (I know, you’re thinking at 17?! But yes, that’s the starting age in our community!!) He was very well trained and knew just what to do to make me happy. It was almost as if he was trained specifically to suit my needs.

However last night was a tad bit different than last year. However, you see last night I had some Slaves of my very own up for bid. I am a very proud owner of a vast slave collection that has proven to do very well in situations of Craziness and Insanity.

So, I won’t bother you with the long details of the auction. However, I do intend on peaking your interest with the details of what happened after the very long very sexy auction. You see every slave purchased has to be “test-driven” if you catch what I’m saying! Although, to accomplish this there is a party after the auction where everyone evaluates the slaves they have purchased…

When we eventually walked into the room I instantly spotted the fine specimen of a slave I had purchased.

There he was standing in the middle of the room with his hands shackled above him, and his feet fastened to the floor. I had noticed the large group of people who had gathered around him to admire how well trained he seems to be. However, I knew different. That one there had spunk.

Spunk that I had not seen in a slave in a long time. Spunk that needed to be corrected. Therefore it needed to be fixed… So, I was just the Princess Domme to do it…

Do you have a spunk that needs to be corrected, Are you A Slave In Need of Attention?

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