“Oh no, you won’t win!” I shout at him and as I struggle to take back control. Yes, his fingers are ecstasy in my pussy but I am not letting this man win over me. We go back and forth, wrestling with each other as I am determined to take back control. He is so fucking strong and sexy. Focus girl, beat his ass, don’t let this arrogant ass win! It is primal fetish sex at its best. Raw and intense between us.

He keeps trying to slide his fingers in my panties to throw me off. That isn’t working this time mister, I am focused on the kill. I always get what I want and I want to beat you! He is smiling at me, almost smirking at me. As if he thinks he can’t be defeated. Yes, he is stronger but I am smarter and know that will give me the upper hand to beat him.

Feeling pure animal magnetism I push him down. Primal fetish sex is driving me.

Once I have him down, I slide out of my panties. I see his eyes widen with curiosity. Looking down at him I say, “It is time for Pussy Domination!” I work my way up to his face and hover my pussy just inches away. As I look at his body, I see he is getting hard for me. I tell him to lick my pussy and enjoy me.

His tongue is doing its best to reach my wet pussy and I bring it closer so he can get a brief taste of my sweet little cunt. Then without warning, I sit down fully on his face. I tell him to get that pussy. “Since I won, you owe me an orgasm,” smiling from ear to ear I look into his eyes and see him as turned on as me.

Fuck yes, he is good at eating pussy and cum all over his face.

I am in the moment when he catches me off guard and starts to take back control. Man, this guy is determined to beat me. Tired from that intense orgasm and our earlier primal fetish wrestling, I don’t have the strength to fight him. He quickly overtakes me and is on top. We smile at each other as he asks if I am feeling good.

“Hell yes, I came like crazy. I fucking feel great.” Laughing he says he is glad, and that he has been faking defeat in order to make me feel better. That he knew he HAD to taste my pussy. “Whatever,” I say. “You are so full of yourself and think you are superior” and I wink at him.

“Beautiful lady, my strength is more than yours, but your charm overwhelms me.”

He is right and as we go back to tussling I give it my best to win back control. It is hopeless with his power. Radiating power and sexuality, I realize I just want to experience more intimacy with this guy. The heat between us is purely primal fetish sex and we know it needs to be satiated. Everything feels raw as we continue to wrestle until I can’t wait any longer.

I stop battling him and he comes down onto me. Planting a passionate kiss that sends shivers down my spine. No going back now as we rip clothes off, completely oblivious to our surroundings. It doesn’t matter that we are in a public gym, we have to follow through with this primal fetish sex.

Once we are naked, our sweaty bodies are sticking to each other.

I can’t get enough of touching his rock-hard body. His hands are all over me too. Kissing and licking and touching until he is positioned above me to enter my pussy. I look up and say, “Get that pussy baby!” He thrusts and enters me with one hard push. Oh my God, that is amazing as he starts to fuck me.

Meeting every stroke, my hips rise up to the occasion. It is absolute heaven to be fucking this stranger. Neither of us can get enough and we are like animals in the wild. Two beasts fucking each other until we get the pleasure we desire with exploding orgasms. Then it happens, we cum together and it is insane.

Afterward, we lay there catching our breath. My day has not gone as I had imagined! The primal fetish wrestling leads to so much more! Call me now for Domination Phone Chat.