I Know You Are Looking At My Pretty Feet

Pretty feet with perfectly polished toe nails, tell me that didn’t make your cock twitch? Don’t even try to hide it because I know it did. My feet are very important to me and I take care of them a lot. I have a pedicure every two weeks and make sure that I find a cute polish every time. Because I love my feet I obviously own tons and tons of pairs of shoes to make sure I have enough pairs to tease you.

Every time I get ready and try to find the perfect shoes that goes with my outfit I know you are looking. I am pacing around barefooted all glammed up looking for my different pairs of shoes. I know you love to see me slip on the perfect pair of pump but when I slip them off to try on another it gets your cock hard. I know you love my bare feet and it takes you no time to get closer and get on your knees while I am sitting on the bed. You start by holding up to your mouth and start kissing my toes. It tickles when you do and I giggle. Next thing you know I want to make it all about you.

Sit back and relax, I am going to wrap my pretty feet around your cock. First I am going to use my toes to caress the shaft of your cock. Making sure you get nice and hard. I am going to start stroking your dick with the bottom of my feet. It feels so good I can see your head tilting back in pleasure. As soon as I hear you moan I slip a hand in between my legs and start touching my pussy. It takes me no time to feel like I am going to orgasm and I am ready for you to cover my pretty little with your big load.

Signature Adriana 2

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