I dated this guy who seemed hell-bent on getting me pregnant…

I was only twenty-three at the time and I wasn’t ready to be pregnant! We would talk about what it would be like to raise a baby, which I enjoyed. I know he is going to be an amazing father someday and the thought of him kissing my big belly made me blush.

What would it be like to have milky tits? What would it be like making love with a pregnant stomach? It was fun to fantasize about being a mommy but I just wasn’t ready to settle down. I needed to keep our fantasy separate from reality, I needed more time to be young and wild.

But somewhere deep in my body, there was an urge that would creep in. Lost in the moment of lovemaking, the most animal part of me craved his cum. All I wanted was to feel him erupt inside of me, the two of us so intertwined so that we felt like one person. Imagining his cock erupting was the thing that got me off. He had an amazing dick, perfect for making babies. It was wide and long and full of potent baby batter. We would get lost in each other, moaning, sweating and grinding until we climaxed. He would hold me by the hips, kiss me hard and leave his cock deep inside of me as he unleashed his load. Pushing himself in deeper, I could feel the tip of his penis at my cervix as he held me there and waited a few moments.

I am such a fertile woman, we were playing with fire!

…And it felt amazing! I would forget about everything else; I would forget about all the things I said, all the added responsibility and all the ways that becoming pregnant would change my life. He would follow the cues of my body and ignore my words and I would let him.

No matter how many times I told him that I wasn’t ready, the two of us couldn’t help ourselves. When things got hot and heavy, it all melted away. I wanted him. I wanted all of him… Something primal in me craved his seed.

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