We were strangers working in the same place. We never talked unless we had to. I suppose you could say I hated him at first, but as time pressed on my hatred began to fade. I almost forgot to tell you the most important part of everything. I was pregnant with another mans baby when I met him.

Slowly Brandon and I started to mingle. We never had any intentions of becoming a “thing” just intentions of easing the tension in the air. Gradually we became more and more comfortable with each other and before we knew it we became best friends. Neither one of us would have admitted to it at the beginning but everyone around us knew.

Tragedy struck with me and the only person I had to lean on was Brandon. The father of my unborn child and I had broken up officially. Brandon was there in his own way and he took my mind off the pain. Brandon has this demeanor about himself and it’s just like everyone falls in love with him when they meet him. Everyone wants to date him, fuck him, or befriend him. You would think the guy was famous with how people begin to act around him.

He has this smile you see, and its a smile that has a million different meanings behind it. It’s a sexy smile that will turn you on every time. And his touch. Ooh how he touches you so gently running his naked hands across your bare skin. Oh lets not forget how he talks with such a soft deep voice that makes you think he is whispering in your ear every time.

 The first time we had sex, I was so nervous! I was 7 month pregnant and hormones were flooding me beyond control. My swollen belly ached with every thought of him touching me, being inside of me and filling me up. It was late at night we had both gotten off work late and I rode to his house with him. Just having the intentions of hanging out and spending the night since I was no longer able to drive. As I laid on his bed he came up behind me and held me tight. Running his hands along my body.

As he ran his hands along my body, I couldn’t help but lean into him and tilt my head to the side for him to have access to my neck. He began kissing my neck, and my earlobe. His hands never stuttered while running across my body. He went from my hips to my stomach to my breast and my chest, repeating over and over. He moved for me to lay on my back. He crawled on top of me the best he could with my stomach. He slid his hands underneath my pants and began to pull them down. He then proceeded to put his head between my legs and lick my swollen lips till they were soaking wet.

Once I was dripping wet from him licking me he pulled my legs as far apart as they would go. He rubbed my belly for reassurance and the baby kicked with passion. He then lifted my legs up and slid his 9½ in cock into my tight little pussy. He could barely pull out for another thrust. The pain, the pressure, the fullness I felt was so overwhelming!  With every soft thrust I would let out a deep pleasurable moan. Grasping the pillows behind my head praying he never stopped.I got so overwhelmed with all the pleasures I was feeling I couldn’t help but cum within the first 5 minutes. He then began going faster making me orgasm harder. And with one last thrust that I swore I wouldn’t be able to handle he shot his load into my pussy with such satisfaction.

I was so jelly legged I couldn’t have even thought of moving for hours after that. My body was still shaking from the orgasm. I was breathing fast and hard. Biting my lip from just the thought of what had just happened. I was so exhausted from it that I curled up into a ball next to him and fell asleep on his chest.



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