There are times when I swear my brain is pregnant! I have pregnancy running through my mind constantly! The moment of conception, both of us moaning our pleasure. Writhing and sighing. The excitement when we realize that a period has been missed. The sickness, the waiting. Tits getting sensitive, nipples darkening. And then it’s time! Time to take the test! Into the bathroom we go with the little plastic stick. Start to piss and then slide it into the stream. Waiting, wondering and hoping until the timer dings. I can’t look! I take a peek and its positive!

Who would have guessed that a month ago when cock met pussy this would be the result? I’m over the moon! And by the look on your face, you are shocked speechless! Flat tummy catches my eye and knowing how big and round its going to get with my baby growing, well it makes me a little teary and a whole lot wet! The enjoyment I’ll get from rubbing that swollen baby belly gets me going and I can’t help but drag you to the bedroom and celebrate by reenacting the conception!

“I’m so happy we’re going to have a baby.”

When we’re done, you kneel beside me and we both lovingly caress the pregnant belly that is still deceptively taut. I look deep into your eyes and whisper “I’m so happy we’re going to have a baby.” In my mind I skip ahead a few months to a swollen stomach between a slutty tube top and itty bitty mini skirt. Watch those heels, being knocked up really throws off your balance! And when mama is on her back, the belly swelling up between us, feeling the kicks as we fuck, I just have to have you again!

This will be a busy 9 months for the both of us! and then we may have to do it again! Now, I can’t decide which scenario I prefer Big strong man that you are, knocking me up by riding me bare back until you shoot your load into my fertile womb or me impregnating you with my strap on in your boy pussy to make you my pregnant, barefoot kitchen bitch. Which do you prefer?

MILF Phone Sex!