I don’t want to get me Pregnant Uncle!

I told my Uncle that I didn’t want to get pregnant. I kept telling him that I wanted to go to college and make something of myself. It was like he didn’t care. He just smiled and continued to jerk his cock off in my face.

He always did that when we were alone. This time he had locked in one of the upstairs bedrooms in my grandma’s house. It was Labor Day weekend and the entire family was over. The only thing was, everyone was outside so no one would be able to hear our moans from way upstairs. He told me to take off my clothes and stand on the bed in front of him.

He told me he wanted to see my tight little body before he put his baby inside of me. His voice was heavy and full of lust. I could smell the liquor from where I stood on the bed. “Come on sweet Carmen. You know you are my favorite niece!” He said this as his pants fell to the ground and his cock leaked pre-cum all over grandma’s carpet. I told him he could do whatever he wanted, “Just don’t get me PREGNANT Uncle Carlos!”

He promised that all he wanted to do was put the tip of his cock inside of me. JUST THE TIP. He promised that he would put the tip in just enough to feel my wet, juicy peach massage the tip of his mushroom head, then he would jerk his cum out on to my perky, young tits. He even pinky sweared. Then he laid me on my back and slowly spread my legs.

I moaned a little as his tip spread my fuck hole. My juices began to drip out of my pussy. When he started to slowly pump his cock a little deeper, I BEGGED him not to get me pregnant but, it was like he went deaf. He put his hand over my mouth and drilled deeper and deeper into my tight, young pussy. He couldn’t help himself. He ejaculated his sperm into my fertile pussy. His cock stayed inside of me as he pumped every last drop into me. all I could do was lay there and let it happen.

Nine months later my uncle and his wife took the baby and raised it as their own. As a matter of fact they raised every baby that my uncle put inside of me. He could never get enough of my creamy pussy. He just had to give me his seed EVERY TIME.

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